Ultron 5.46

Is there a trick or something i am missing about his crazy evade. I watch couple guys on YouTube solo ultron with champs like sl and when he evades they continue hitting. When he evades on me he instantly hits me back amd wrecks me. Besides loki medusa etc what is a way to get around the evade without a champ that stops it


  • Every 7 seconds he will evade. Just count and be prepared. SW as a 4 star with a 10-20% boost will get him
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,157 ★★★★
    If you have Medusa, get an Armor Shatter up. He won’t be able to evade because he’s a robot champ. The thing where he attacks you instantly is a bug (that Kabam SAID they fixed, but apparently not) and if you don’t want to have to deal with it, just wait until they fix the bug for real
  • ZoddymamZoddymam Posts: 360
    Yeah no medusa or sw in the roaster. Far as i know that evade bug been going on for couple years. Haha. Guess will hold off for a while
  • Hi, use Drax to prevent OG ultron evasion
  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 588
    I went in planning on baiting out the evades because of this. If you haven't hit him in a bit you know he's got it stored up... Plan on the next combo to just do one hit and back out (or parry if he doesn't have regen or power gain up). Then you can get in a full combo or two without worrying about it. Bait the evade, go back to normal fighting, repeat. It's worth it even if you aren't keeping track to try to get him to do when you are ready for it.
  • Can drax actually get past his evade?
  • ZoddymamZoddymam Posts: 360
    Now he evades several times a few times he evaded three or 4 times in a row. Such a rip off character
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