How far can I go?

Cloud99999Cloud99999 Posts: 42
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I am level 45 and top champs are rank 4 level 40 rogue,angela,quake,classic cap,doc ock, and ghost rider. Ghost rider , dock ock, and cap are awakened sitting at around level 40. I have basic masteries unlocked such as parry,dexterity, no willpower. I am on chapter 4 of rttl and act 5 chp 1. I want to know how far I can go with this team. I also have 5 stars of rhino, beast, and loki.


  • JuggerneyksJuggerneyks Posts: 275 ★★
    you wont go much further without some rank 5 4* or r3 and higher 5*
  • Lunchbox45Lunchbox45 Posts: 250
    As far as your skill will take you. You have solid champs, though you will need to be ready for 5.2.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
    5.1, maybe 5.2 if your REALLY good and have a decent stash
  • silverseraphsilverseraph Posts: 133
    you probably need to get power control and higher health pools to not have to farm or spend like most do, I have heard it is ideal to bring 1200-1500 units to Act 5 /becoming uncollected without too much probs. I am hoping for a rank 5 or 2 or better regen champs before i become uncollected.Most 4/40s become expensive to use lately ,especially on Lagdroid and with all the changes to the AI recovery speed and intercept issues and other performance problems that are supposedly being worked on. I was beginning to think it was just me that needed to adapt like they told us in 12.0 haha but the top players are having major problems with these things as well,it is well documented.
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