Angela 5* or Medusa 4*?

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Who to rank up: 5* unduped Angela to rank four, or, 4* Medusa/duped to rank four?xiam76mmllg3.png

EDIT: ranking Angela will make her my third rank four 5*, alongside with WS and X23. I can rank Medusa now, but only need one more t2 alpha cat for Angela.


  • AjisdopeAjisdope Posts: 363
    Any opinions?
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    How far are you in the game
  • AjisdopeAjisdope Posts: 363
    Looking to complete RttL chapter four. Want to become uncollected soon. Level 60, have 3 5*’s at rank four. Just about having my third 5* at rank 4.
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    Medusa bro
  • Angela
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    Angela, she is a 5* and I've heard she can hit very hard even unawakened.
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    I have a 5* Angela too, and will bring her to R3 soon, although I may not be bring her to R4 that soon (consider saving the T2a for someone else). Since her sig ability is almost completely irrelevant, and she can hit really hard, and she can also serve as a mini-tank, she is definitely worth the rank up.

    Medusa on the other hand needs to be awakened, and needs to have SYNERGY to be really good. If I put myself in your shoes, I'll only rank Medusa after I'm done ranking Angela. Don't get me wrong, she is good, top 3, along side with Hyperion and Angela, but she needs SYNERGY to be great, whereas Angela is more straight forward. Furthermore, Angela is 5* so at this point you shall rank your 5* first, but as long as you still have extra resources, feel free to eventually R5 your 4* Medusa in near future.

    I agree
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    you have 2 rank 4 five stars and arent uncollected yet? I imagine itll be a breeze when you make your run.
  • AjisdopeAjisdope Posts: 363
    PeterQuill wrote: »
    you have 2 rank 4 five stars and arent uncollected yet? I imagine itll be a breeze when you make your run.

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    Angela. Medusa is dependent on synergy & awakening
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    Angela has amazing raw damage output. She can build up precision and lots of fury, so she crits almost every single hit within 10 seconds of the fight. She is a solid champion, with a bit of armour and some regen to top it off. Though, her sig ability is useless so don't bother duping her, but asides from that, really good champion. I'm jealous of you.
  • AjisdopeAjisdope Posts: 363
    Thanks all. I have been focusing on my 5*’s anyway so I will continue with that!
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