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    @Kabam Miike will their be plans to compensate all of the affected in regard to aq and arena rewards. This is seriously affecting alliances and players alike. I have never seen a company that consistently breaks their games with updates. Most updates are intended to impove the players experience.
  • Also some type of update even if it’s “we have no idea what to do” would be appreciated. Sometimes the silence from your team is worse than the issue.
  • I understand things happen but I have not been able to login for 19 hours and not even a single response from kabam this is ridiculous
  • Informational update, maybe this information helps rule out possible reasons for this. I actually was on iOS 11.1.1 but updated last night to 11.2.5 and still can’t get into the game on my T-Mobile Cellular data.
  • Yeah some of my friends has IOS and all but one is having the same problem, I’m thinking it has to do something with what service you have. Cause the friend that is having the same problem has T-Mobile. Everyone else has a different service on IOS and is having no problems.
  • Still no update and no fix..... can’t move in AQ
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    The thing is, EVERYTHING else works on T- mobile network.

    So unless they blocked your network (which is highly unlikely, especially since your Transformers game is working), then it's something on your end.
  • Dude I can't even play still. Smh all this time..
  • Animejay70 wrote: »
    The thing is, EVERYTHING else works on T- mobile network.

    So unless they blocked your network (which is highly unlikely, especially since your Transformers game is working), then it's something on your end.

    I doubt seriously it’s on the user end with so many people claiming to have the same issue.
  • I cat play the game off my network but can do anything else apps wise on my phone, plus I can turn my phones hotspot on so my other friend can use that and play his marvel game??? What gives? My friend and I both are on t mobile and we cabby play unless we are on Wi-Fi. This really needs to be fixed. I didn't see how this isn't a problem.


  • Still not working on cellular network for me. T-Mobile. iPhone 7+.

    Super annoying that I can’t participate in AQ/Event Quest/Arena/Special Quest!!!!
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    I tried to uninstall then reinstall but you have to be connected to WiFi to finish the download. Fml
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    I’ll be glad when this is fixed sucks not being able to get on the game with my phone I can’t play as well on a tablet
  • I thought I was the only person having this issue… I am glad to see that I am not the only one. I use Wi-Fi and the game sometimes works, but is soon as I take my Wi-Fi off and try to use my data which I have plenty of, it continues to tell me that the game cannot reach the network connection. I read somewhere that this is happening with a lot of new users who have T-Mobile. But is this happening with everyone else as well? We are totally missing out on a lot of gameplay content and rewards. Come on Caban fix this for us so that we can have a fair shot gaining some awesome rewards as well
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    Why is it whenever there is an update new things happen to break something else?
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    I’m on T-Mobile
    Game is fine on WiFi
    Can’t connect to game via LTE or 4G
    Issue started after downloading 17.0
    I’m on an iPhone 8+

    I tried deleting the game and reinstalling. Contact T-Mobile and they said it was an issue on Kabam’s end. Please come with a fix quick I really want to grind for Gladiator Hulk!!! My alliance Is also going to be hurt with me not being able to help with AQ/AW a majority of my day. Please say there is a fix coming @Kabam Miike
  • I have the same problem. If I’m not connected to Wi-Fi I cannot play my game. I am missing out on so much content and also on rewards that other people in my alliance and other players are receiving. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf please somebody address this issue and fix it so that players can begin to play this new quest and receive some awesome rewards
  • Same here. Over wifi the game works. Over my LTE T-Mobile service, get a log in error...fml
  • Same here. I have iphone 7+ and over wifi, no issues. Turn wifi off or connection error. My T-mobile service is running excellent. Patch is needed ASAP @Kabam Miike
  • im on tmobile - never had an isue before.
    game is fine on wifi
    iphone 8+
    cant connect on cellular data but all other websites/games work fine
    issue started yesterday after updating to 17.0
  • drkmttr50drkmttr50 Posts: 19
    Same issue since yesterday
    iPhone X
    Latest iOS
    Only works on WiFi

    Others in my alliance on T-Mobile have the same problem
  • Free 4* Gladiator Hulk for compensation!!
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    I am on T-Mobile with iPhone 7+ and still having this issue on network data. Wi-Fi appears to be working fine for now.

    Any update on a fix from the game team?

    Dr. Zola
  • I’m on an se via lte and since 17.0 I couldn’t play without WiFi which I rarely have and now I can’t play period, I’m from mff and I’ve never experienced something so game breaking allowed to continue without being addressed and swept under the rug like this,heavily disappointed in Kabams poor execution 4 hour maintainance was supposed to prevent something like this yet all we get is another mired update.fix it or why else would anyone respespect y’all and adhere to your tos or anything for that matter.
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    I can’t log in omg where are the mods this has been happening all day yesterday and today again @Kabam Miike get some info out please
  • Yeah for some reason it’s happening to T-Mobile customers, I have t-mobile and can’t get in at all
  • Same issue! I’m on T-Mobile also.
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    Now it’s not even working for me on wifi either. I’m on my iPhone 6 with the latest iOS. Doesn’t work over data or wifi now. :/ hopefully this doesn’t mess up the logins either. Already couldn’t place in war due to connection signouts. Luckily i was able to help with AQ before it booted me.
  • How does a company create problems that didn't exist with an update- ridiculous
  • @Kabam Miike game still not working, hasn’t worked since I installed update yesterday at 12pm CT
    On T-Mobile iPhone 6S+
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