Raganok hulk worthy of featured spin

Haven’t had much time to play this week. The new hulk how is he? What is his dupe ability and is it needed? I see he has some nice damage over time defense. I got enough for a spin should I? Also don’t say wait for blade. I got him already:)


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    Hulk Rangarok looks solid, but is a high-tier champ. Regen looks sweet (needs to be duped for that). IMO he does not warrant a featured soon. Blade does and maybe Morningstar of you already have duped Blade. As a defender Hulk Ragnarok needs synergy help with Loki or BW.
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    I got him as a 5* and at rank 2 I've tested him against 5/65 Magiks. He takes hardly any limbo damage and hasn't let Magik heal up once. I then tested him on 5/65 Mephisto and same thing, hardly any incinerate damage taken. If you want a champ that can be really effective at dealing with these mystics, definitely go for Hulk Ragnarok. Blade is also good against these mystics, but the reason I went for HulkR is because I am yet to do LOL and Act 5.3 100%, and I know for a fact that from either I will get a science gem, which will be fantastic for HulkR. He doesn't need to be duped to be amazingly effective against these mystics. I'm really pleased I went for him, and I will use him this AW. Hopefully he will save me the resources I normally spend on Magik/Mephisto/Dormammu mini bosses.
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    I will loosely compare him to a science version of Blade. He will destroy the troublesome mystics in war and without the need of synergies. In some respects he's better than Blade, he doesn't rely on bleed for damage but isn't as strong in other areas. I'd say if you want a mystic killer go for him. I tried but without success.
  • Actually it is Ragnahulk
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    Rank 3 as a 5star unduped. He destroys magik, dormammu and mephisto. He is also good for fights where you need heal block, as well as for fights where the ai is aggressive. He is really bad though against armored champions or fights where you have to wait to bait specials. I will open 1 more 5star featured and try to dupe him because that regen could come in handy (his block proficiency ain't the best).
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