Looking for an alliance in which everybody plays?

We are a 3M alliance looking for just a few more really active players.
Refrain who plays only once in a while! :o :/
We like to play and we do it every day :smile:

We are doing now AQ :, AW: 3 per week and try to reach 100% milestones in every event except arenas.
All active players above lvl 40 are welcomed! (8 champs 4* 3/30 to participate in AW).

We use Line app to coordinate. That is a requirement! even if you don't talk very much, but you participate in the coordination and follow the instructions when needed. It is a must for us!
To join add the leader on line: Cross_Hawk
Alliance game tag: TNTRO


  • Joe_vj76Joe_vj76 Posts: 24
    i play everyday and am looking for similar alliance but one that is very active. meaning everyone joins AQ and AW. I'm a decent player and would be interested. My current alliance has almost 30 players but only half are active. My IGN is JOE.VJ. If interested pls invite me. TQ
  • Hit me up on line with your top 15 champs to see qualifications "Stephen smoakes est" or in game "smoakes12"
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