Awaken Archangel or Vision (AoU)?

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Awaken 4 Star Archangel Signature Ability or Vision (Age of Ultron) Signature Ability?

Awaken Archangel or Vision (AoU)? 38 votes

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Vision (AoU)
Alfa_PigeonstakSpity68Foxhero007Jdat84killllaxdicekay 6 votes


  • Archangel
    Vision is Fine even Unduped.. You can take him to 4/40.. On other hand Duped Archi is way more badass than Unduped onr..
  • Archangel
    I should've asked are you uncollected?
  • AAFAAF Posts: 20
    No, I'm not uncollected. I decide to upgrade Vision to rank 4 and level 40 and use awaking gem for Archangel. Thank all of you for vote to this poll.
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