War season

So hey guys. I'm a pretty active member. On everyday and I have a 5* 3/45 rogue with solid 5 and 4* players and I want to just do wars but my alliance isn't about it. Are there any alliance who are about it? My alliance is at a bronze which annoys me and they get mad when I start new wars. If I need to leave to join a new alliance I'm down


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    If you mean no aq at all and just war I highly doubt it aq is the place to get most of your rank up materials you ideally want an alliance who tries to do the best in everything
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    @spidey31415926 friend me in game at sac 123. My alliance is looking for a few more people to be able to run 2 bg wars. We are in silver two. We do run aq but since aw seasons it's taken a backseat
  • If you are summoner level 50+ then you'd fit in our alliance. Looking for active players who will participate in War Season and AQ. Running AQ (Tier 11) and AW (Map 4 & recently started Map 5). In game is Spidey0486 and Alliance is [123EC] THESHADOWS.
  • When does the War Season end anyways?
  • When does the War Season end anyways?

    April 3rd still a long way lol
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