who should i awaken

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Should i awaken gwenpool, x23, or nebula?

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    I remember when I started playing we got a 4 star awakening gem as a gift, due to I think problems with the game. It was a long time ago, I didn’t know awakening gems where quite hard to get so I went and gave it to my civil warrior, who was my 3rd 4 star champion, currently at rank 4 for some reason. I remember being so happy. Still hate myself for it. But yes sometime when you have a awakening gem, you shouldn’t use it because you can like me, wait till you get someone who really needs it. I currently have one of which I’m saving for Blade.
  • X23
    Are you talking about 4* champs?? If it's a 4* Gi for X23 ad you can use her for ROTL, ROL she's just so awesome... Best chmp that Has a Huge Regeneration and Bleed as well..
  • X23
    Gwenpool just has a ability that she won't die With special attacks after she hits to 1% health... And she's Good Unduped to... I've done her 4/40 and will go for 5/50 even she's unduped...
  • They are all three stars. They are all rank 3/4.
  • i am only level 28. I have 4 star rank 2/5 voodoo, 4 star hyperion rank 1/5, gwenpool, nebula, and x23 as my go to team. srry. im newb
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    If these are your only options, waiting is better for now.
    Gwenpool and X23 are awesome even without duping them. Gwenpool is currently my top 5* R4 champ and she is just wow.
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    Neither of these champs are really worth a generic awakening gem imo. MAYBE Gwenpool... but even at that, I wouldn't do it. They are all very good unduped. Save that generic for someone who benefits from it greatly like Voodoo, AA, Wolverine, SL, Blade... it's a very valuable rare gem. You won't regret saving it trust me... time will come when you pull that god tier that needs that awakened ability and you'll think of all us telling you to wait! :D
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