Lol advice

Already done easy path

I pulled blade so i have blade and sl at 4/55. Considering starting to do other paths. Should i bring them both with me and if so what attack team? The blade syneryi can do with gr 5/50 amd three star spark

Or should i focus on one champ? I know the bleed poison lines i will need another perhaps iceman?

Finally should i run full suicides thinking liquid courage might be bad for regeneration and does it ever stop. Perhaps just double edge?

Just looking at tips on best way to approach it team and mastery wise. Appreciate any thoughts


  • My first question to you would be do you have a r5 5* meaning have you completed act 5? If you haven’t completed act 5 do that first as it will save you tons on your runs which is something a lot of people that 100% already didn’t/couldn’t have when they did it, so you have an advantage use it.
  • Yeah finished act 5. Rank 5 blade. And then take blade starlord yj antman antman.
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    I did act 5 but only had star lord the ability to r5. Dont have the alpha 2 resources or skill cats to do blade. So i had two options. R5 starlord which i didnt really want to do or r4 blade and r5 him down the line. I decides r4 blade was a better option

    Main reason i was asking about synergy is i took blade against red hulk with trinity team and also took him with attack team. He kill hulk much faster with his trinity team which i found interesting perhaps the dangersense kicking in on abilities

    I didn’t even want to do lol 100% its those juicy alpha 2 cats that are tempting me
  • ZoddymamZoddymam Posts: 360
    Ha guess only advice is to rank 5:) where all the 100% lol people hiding
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