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Why delete threads?

When the public is very VERY concerned with a topic that is a HUGE problem to the foundation to the game, why are the mods trying to hide? Why not address the situation.

Do that and close the thread. But don’t try and hide and act like no one is concerned.


  • 12- You may not publicly discuss any actions taken on your in game or forum accounts by moderators or the support team. This includes banning, closing of threads, infractions, temporary bans, etc. This also includes the public posting of any private correspondence with the Moderators, or support team.

    13- Respect the decisions of the Moderation team. The Moderation team’s decisions are “the last word”. Arguing with moderators about their decisions will not change the outcome of the decision. When you use our spaces, you are required to abide by our rules - even if you disagree with them.
  • We are not hiding anything. This topic has already been addressed. You can read it HERE.
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