For kabam mod alliance question

Our alliance lost the other day in aw due to an alliance that was 100% using mods. They took out noded link after noded link taking no damage. Using heros on bleed nodes poison nodes that had no immunity with zero damage

To top it all off they killed last two bosses with 5 min left but both bosses were still noded over 40 000 in health and were killed in 20 seconds with yet again no damage

We reported them kabam said they will check them out but could not tell us the results nor will they reward us for our war loss

What i want to know by kabam is how the investigation works. When will they be looked at as we been watching the alliance and they still logging in and probably getting ready to cheat another alliance

What is the process kabam of investigating an alliance such as how long does it take? How can you tell they cheat etc?


  • Hi!

    We do take reports of cheating very seriously and appreciate you flagging up any situations that you believe deserve attention. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss our methods or any actions taken against accounts as a result of your reports.
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