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Hi I'm cosmicray and I've been playing for about 2 years now. I can't play as much as I used to and so to keep getting rewards I made my own alliance. It was going really well. I made my best friend the leader and I'm an officer. but now things are going a little down hill. We still have a 2mil rating but we are losing more wars and not finishing a lot of AQ's. We are also having to save SA for TWO WEEKS cuz we don't make the ranked rewards. I need some help.
I think I need to start re-building the alliance but I don't know where to start.
If you have any experience or tips you would like to share pls DO!



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    If you want to put in the time to do aq, aw, sa, etc then you need to find like-minded people. Restarting a new alliance will make no difference. Just kick out the freeloaders and find the right players. Rinse and repeat. Having an organized leader and organized officers will help a long way.
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    Recruit deliberately with what you are exactly looking for on the forums. The more specific you can be about the group you have/want and the people you want to join the better it is. Be clear on the goals of the alliance and the current state when recruiting too.

    This avoids quick turnover and people coming and going which can frustrate anybody who is there currently and hurt getting a steady routine going.
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    Here are a couple of tips:

    - Be sure to know who are performing af who isn't
    - Be ready to be hard on who stays and who goes. Being leader sometimes you have to make hard decisions. If you can't do that. Don't be a leader. Some takes it very personally
    - Don't kick out more that 3-4 per week. It is a long term you want to create succes
    - Be sure to keep people that create a good atosmosphe. They bind people together and make people want to stay
    - Be clear on you goal and what you want to do. Where are you focus. AW or AQ. And which maps will you run in AQ
    - Use forum and global chat to get people. Really hard and look for someone on you level
    - Consider sometimes just to have an open alliance, where everyone can join. Sometimes you get lucky.
    - Use your members to find good options. Many have played a long time and might know someone that they have played with before
    - Consider a merger with another alliance, but be sure to talk a lot with the other parties before the merger. You need to want the same thing and have the same goals in mind
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    Thanks Everyone! Your being Amazing! I will Definitely use all of your suggestions!
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