Who to rank?

Cloud99999Cloud99999 Posts: 34
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I have these 2 to get to 5/50. Only one though. Only enough resources for one to get to 5/50. Scarlet witch unduped for now, i can wait till she gets awakened then drop 30 sig stones on her. Or ghost rider who is at sig level 40.

Who to rank? 23 votes

Scarlet Witch
Jank39Foxhero007DhruvgElitehunter 4 votes
Ghost Rider
Ground_Round1Spity68Zoddymamvg2782Vladislas22HollowbornRiver_SongRadiantBonkersSuperSam57JayrodzShaheerFIazvinniegainzDangerNoodleJeepettiBahamutYellowmasterLaVarBBBmahanmaxZainkhan2099 19 votes


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