Act 5 completion or act 4 exploration?

KingOfMcocKingOfMcoc Posts: 100
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Trying to decide whether to do act 4 or act 5 completion first. I’m already uncollected, and I am working on farming revives. I’ve already completed realm of legends, got 4 5/50s.

Act 5 completion or act 4 exploration? 24 votes

Act 4 exploration
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Act 5 completion
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SpiritOfVengeanceLuke9648 2 votes


  • Batpotter1Batpotter1 Posts: 348
    Act 4 exploration
    ACT 4 because it is easier and will be easier to complete.
  • KingOfMcocKingOfMcoc Posts: 100
    My problem with act 4 is how long and tedious it is. 5.3 is also very tedious though
  • DingaloDingalo Posts: 355
    Act 4 exploration
    My way of approach would be to go as far as you can go without having completely empty your stash of resources. Once you hit that wall, don't blindly throw all your resources all in because they will come to use in later content (collector and rest of act 5) trust me. As I was saying, once you hit that wall, go back and focus on act 4 exploration. In the meantime, you will stack your roster with time and get the pieces you need to tackle act 5 using less (minimal) resources. Patience is key in this game unless you plan on just throwing money in.
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