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5* roster

This post is purely based on my own experience with the 5* hero crystals. This is not an attack against the way Kabam made the crystal system functions, but more my dissatisfaction with it. I started my account a few months after the game first released. Yet despite the long term commitment to this game I find myself unable to progress purely because I am unable to get my hands on any decent champs. After opening 12 5* crystals, I have pulled 2 mid-range tiered champs, and 7 bottom tier champs, of which I have dupped 3.
This is incredibly frustrating for a player, not just because we want the best champs, but mainly it prevents us from advancing in the game. I know that Kabam will do nothing to change this as it is a core concept of their game and a huge source of revenue for them, but all I will say is that this is how you lose devoted fans of your game.


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