Who should I rank up to 5 (5 star edition)

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I can now rank 5 a 5 star. And this are my two options. Both duped 4/55. Already did Act 5. So next big thing should be LoL.
Medusa has more prestige, but Archangel is immune to ability accuracy reduction.

Who should I rank up to 5 (5 star edition) 27 votes

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    Medusa is easy to use and is an absolute beast in LOL. Even the Maestro fight is easy cause she's a Cosmic (he nullifies some furies, but you get them back instantly anyway). Use her with full suicides.

    At rank 5 she doesn't need any synergies for the enrage timer (other than Karnak/BB for the +25% attack), so you have 2 spots open for utility champs (like your AA). If you don't need them then Ronan is a great champ to bring for Cosmic Supremacy.
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    Should I add that Archangel is immune to limbo when using neurotoxins?
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    There’s so many champs immune to AA
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    There’s so many champs immune to AA

    But AA is "immune" to most of them. (His ability accuracy cannot be reduced).
    His way of shutting down the opponent is also very useful, neurotoxins are amazing.

    On the other hand, Medusa is very powerful, she is great against robots, and someone mentioned she is good against Maestro in LOL.

    It's a tough choice, but I am glad these are the two champions I have to choose from.
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    Aa is so over rated. Any immune shuts him down.
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    DoctorJ wrote: »

    Aa is so over rated. Any immune shuts him down.

    Depends on the amount of immunities. A bleed immune makes both less efficient (AA more than Medusa), but a full debuff immune would affect Medusa more than AA, as AA would not lose his ability accuracy. I guess Medusa would compensate this with furies and auto-block though.
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