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Modoks Lab is reseting nods and its soo fair. [Under Investigation; Merged Threads]

LuxoneoLuxoneo Posts: 7
edited March 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
Thanks Kabam for this new exciting event. Modoks Labs is reseting nods if you go to store.
If you reroll effects and go to store and back node is restored to the first one.

And 6* MAGIK level 200 ( UNKILLABLE) ???? WHAT?

Video to prove unfairness of this game.

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  • Whododo872Whododo872 Posts: 1,042 ★★★
    Well, that’s some nonsense right there
  • GbSarkarGbSarkar Posts: 1,075 ★★★
    1749 limbo damage lol. Even a 4/55 magik as AW with one node up doesn't deal so much damage (at least not on challenger map)
  • MattScottMattScott Posts: 587 ★★
    He had 4 available.
  • Reg_MontanaReg_Montana Posts: 30
    I recently lost memory in my phone out of the state of background running apps. I closed the game because it was sluggish and restarted. Fortunately the current fight was refreshed and unfortunately the original (default)nodes was the outcome after spending randomised before engaging the fight. Now I've to randomise again.
    Please fix this issue especially when I decide to force close the game to restart with half health and don't wanna get the node back to default.
  • LuxoneoLuxoneo Posts: 7
    edited March 2018
    Its not about rerolls and how much i have left. Its a glitch and it not fair. (Even the wakandian chance krystal was disappointment i did not got any off them. And Prof Hoff got 6 off them. offtopic :))

    I use iPhone 6 plus latest version and latest version of the game of course.
  • LordBaldyBaldLordBaldyBald Posts: 265
    Luxoneo wrote: »
    Its not about rerolls and how much i have left. Its a glitch and it not fair. (Even the wakandian chance krystal was disappointment i did not got any off them. And Prof Hoff got 6 off them. offtopic :))

    I use iPhone 6 plus latest version and latest version of the game of course.

    I also use an iPhone 6 on the latest update and I literally just had this exact problem and made a post about it and commented in the MODOK Lab forum.
  • Shroud1969Shroud1969 Posts: 76
    Apologies - I didn’t see the main thread before posting in the thread above....

    Same thing happened to me 2x!

    Once when I went to buy dice and once the game crashed. In the latter - my fight recovered but the nodes re-randomized to a new set and the opponent was at full health instead of about half where I had him from the previous fight.

    I cleared both but it’s an annoying bug.

    iPad Pro
  • JRock808JRock808 Posts: 1,149 ★★★★
    Still happening.
  • MaybeThisIsNotMeMaybeThisIsNotMe Posts: 147 ★★
    I got screwed on that bug too. Rerolled, went to my stash to collect more rerolls that were going to expire, started the fight and died in seconds before i realised the debuffs were the ones before I had rerolled.
  • Bryman187Bryman187 Posts: 204
    edited March 2018
    Having this exact same issue. Happened to me twice in a row last night before I realized what was happening. I assumed it was a glitch and moved on. Happened again just now. That’s three rerolls and a small revive I’ve wasted because of this glitch. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit you can’t just allow the lab to go on while this is happening. This glitch prevents you from being able to effectively manage your stash of rerolls which FORCES you to lose them. The efficient way to manage them is to use whatever you need up until and including the last fight and then, before you start the match, pulling in more rerolls from your stash so that upon completion of the fight your newly acquired reroll goes to the back of the cue of your stash. With this bug in place you can’t go claim rerolls from your stash before you start the fight if you used one so the newly acquired reroll goes into your inventory instead of your stash. That’s not just a bug, that’s just cheating players out of rerolls plain and simple. You need to suspend the lab until this gets fixed or you’re outright cheating players out of hard earned consumables.
  • Bpn88855Bpn88855 Posts: 464 ★★
    edited March 2018
    Happened with me. I rolled dices, went into battle, lost internet connection, restarted the game and after that debuffs were the same before I rolled dices.
  • It happened to me as well.. I’m using iPhone 6s Plus.
    I used a randomizer, buffs got changed. I went out of quest to claim randomizers from stash and came back to quest - it still had old buffs. It happened to me multiple times.
  • Reg_MontanaReg_Montana Posts: 30
    This had happened me more than 8 times, just that I keep the nodes I was running in mind during fight after restarting or leaving. Then end up in some horrible BS that cost me unnecessary revives and quits. You guys should give compensation for this glitch. Thanks
    And I'm using Samsung Note 4, Marshmallow.
  • G-Hun-GearG-Hun-Gear Posts: 1,406 ★★★★
    I'll go ahead and copy in my post from another thread:

    I have the same issue, but only if I exit the fight-screen after I have rolled the dice...

    This is my scenario: I have 8 dice in my inventory and a couple of dice in the stash that are about to expire. I use one dice to change the nodes that I am presented on the final boss (I was presented thorns). Then I exit the screen and go to my stash to claim the dice that are about to expire (otherwise the dice I will receive from the boss will fill up my inventory and I cannot claim the dice from the stash and they run out). Then I go back to the fight screen, start the fight and I get thorns!

    Another Scenario:
    At the fight screen, I am presented a poison node. I don't have a poison immune champ with me, so I roll the dice. Poison gone, I start the fight and get in a couple of combos, no poison in sight. In the middle of the fight, my connection drops and I get thrown out of the game. After restart, I am offered to continue the fight. i do so and what do I see? Poison is back, as if I hadn't rolled the dice...

    So in conclusion: Rolling the dice is "forgotten" after you exit the fight screen...

    Device: iPhone 8
    OS: 11.2.1
  • MrMojoMrMojo Posts: 97
    edited March 2018
    Happens if you crashed mid fight. Crash recovery will bring you back into the fight, but you'll be up against the original nodes that were up before you re-rolled. Total BS.
  • AzariahAzariah Posts: 9
    March 3 in Bugs and Known Issues
    First off, make your AI follow the rules. Surging vengeance is not working, every time I have faced it first thing used against me has been SP3. I got one that should have made my opponent bleed 200% more, didn’t.

    2nd. The randomized is reverting back to the original buffs/debuffs if you leave that screen and come back.
    Flag Quote · Insightful 1Agree Like Awesome LOL

    IPHONE 6s and I phone 7 both on up to date software
  • RealdealRealdeal Posts: 23
    Even if you roll the dice again after a crash the buffs still go back
  • JasonMBryantJasonMBryant Posts: 301 ★★
    I didn't even go to the store. I just went to the stash to load up on more randomizers. I went back, started fighting, and got destroyed because the nodes weren't what they were supposed to be.

    iPhone SE, latest update of iOS.
  • EvilRazorEvilRazor Posts: 143
    I had the same problem here when I closed the game to charge the phone, when I came back I was fighting vs a Unstoppable Colossus that was with 10% of health, and his power flood and unblockeable specials came back. I had to use 2 or 3 roll the dice to change this 2 buffs before, and I didn't notice, the nodes came back and I lost my X-23, 100% health, because with 1 combo she triggered regen and Unstoppable got 2 bars of power and counter me instantly with unblockeable specials.
    Not fair. I got out of quest, do not use resources in this Lab.
  • despot1despot1 Posts: 20
    I am using Huavei P10, I rolled dices to get acceptable nods, in the middle of the fight my internet broke and I had to restart game. When I started game again it asked me to continue fight, I clicked yes and when I got into fight all different nodes were active. So I had no chance to check because it asked me to continue fight. It is a huge problem there.
  • Crilla420Crilla420 Posts: 96
    edited March 2018
    Honestly by the time you guys figure it out the even is going to end. Just don’t bs us. It’s going to take 2 months to invastage and then once it’s confirmed. It’s going to take a year to fix. By then The event is just going to be over with cause you know there is only 30 days in event. This is just a cash grab now. Evidence is crystal clear what else are you trying to invastage. Go to modok lab. Roll nodes back out come back and there the same ones that you had from the start before you even rerolled them. Such a joke already. Yur track record on how things are handle such as bugs and fixes explain them self’s
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,776 ★★★★
    I ran some rerolls, to get rid of Caltrops on a Gulk and ran out to get one that was a little more favorable. so I went to buy some more and when I returned it was back on Caltrops.

    Using a Pixel, most updated version of.
  • MegaForceBlueMegaForceBlue Posts: 65
    Similar to others. Got a Thorn node, reroll and got a good one. Started fight but crashed. Restarted, and got the recovery, then when I fight, used a Magik SP2, and thought I'm gonna finish this one easy, but instead my health went to 0 instantly! Was wondering why, then found out the Thorn buff is back.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★

    Got halfway through a fight and got KOd. Had to drive to work, and when I logged back in to finish with another champ my buffs had reset as well.
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