Buncha advice needed

I’m just gonna cut to the point: I’m a 200k player who is currently focusing on prepping rosters for 5.2.4-6. I have enough cats to do a science skill and cosmic r5.

For science I’m thinking of doing LC because he would be my only r5 immunity champ, but I also just got Quake and I have a lonely science awakening gem that I was planning on saving for Void or Modok or something.

Skill probably GP duped, but I’m also considering 5* Elektra unduped because she’s a 5* probably my best alongside GG unduped.

Cosmic I don’t have anyone to rank up except maybe Thor, but I’m waiting for Hype or Med.

I also just got AA. I know he isn’t truly great until duped, and there is the $5 A-gem offer that I normally wouldn’t consider, but now there’s that.

What are your thoughts?


  • beyonder8421beyonder8421 Posts: 882
    It's hard to tell, tbh, it depends a lot on the champs you like to use. AA has no buffs on him (only dexterity when on). So it works nice against buffet nodes. He also deals a lot of damage and his ability accuracy cannot be reduced. His neurotoxins also reduce ability accuracy (champions no longer regen). Well used this champion is amazing.

    For the others, on science I do not have enough experience with Quake and Luke Cage still doesn't seem to deal a lot of damage. I do not think you need a science champ to face these quests. Quake would probably be a bit annoying against masochism nodes.

    Against Masochism and Buffet, I would recommend, if you have one, a Morningstar. She gains health on the opponent regens. You need to build her up from fight to fight to unlock her life steal as well. But once you have 5 souls, she is amazing. I used my 5/50 on 5.3

    GwenPool is a good champ, but she has to achieve 50 hits to start reducing ability accuracy. Also probably not good against masochism. Elektra could be a good champion as well, it depends on your skills with them. Against Power Gainers, you are better with a Hawkeye. But Gwenpool can power lock as well.

    Cosmic are hard to find sometimes. Medusa and Hyperion are the most wanted, but you can always find a Ronan (5 star or RoL). His perma-stun works good in certain quests (like power reserve), or any champion with multiple buffs. You could also take a look at the synergies on your main team.

    You should also analyze your masteries, I had to turn off dexterity and parry on my first run to avoid buffet and masochism regens. After my initial run I waited for a while to build up my roster and was able to do it before tweaking masteries. In any case, If you have big bleeders, maxing Deep Wounds is a good idea. Assassin is hit or miss. It's cool when you face very hard opponents like Collector, where you could start the fight with the other champ on 5%, 10% or 15% or near those numbers. But it mostly makes the fights shorter once you reach 18%.

    I think 5.2.4 is probably the worse one. I do not remember having big issues in 5.2.5 or 5.2.6. Collector is annoying, but getting to him not that much.
  • 8406GR8406GR Posts: 54
    I hope you are able to complete the end game content soon and with ease!
    That being said I am currently at 360k and I passed through classic ultron with OG Thor (sig 80ish) because his chain stun is brutal. Only parry on fury cycles. Other people use Loki.
    Regarding your decisions.
    Void is good
    Don’t waste a AG on GP. She won’t benefit much in act 5. Take Electra.
    Luke Cage should also be solid. Try to take a regen champ because the fights get long.
    And always, always post updates and more forums. We’re here to help each other get through the game. Good luck dude!
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 1,346
    Gosh golly cmon guys. @8406GR she is duped. OG ultron is 5.4 not 5.2. I appreciate the positivity, but it’s not what I’m asking.

    @beyonder8421 I said AA is unduped hence the “should I get a generic 5$ gem?” LC is insane against champs like Hype, all MD, and he can take an L3 to the face and be fine. GP gets 100% AAR at 50 hits. It ramps up with her combo.

    I was asking who I should rank up. I know exactly what they do because I have all of them duped and maxed 3* that I have gone thru EQ with.

    I want to know who would serve me best of the people I’ve mentioned above, and if the $5 gem is worth it for AA. Keep in mind GP is still very good and usable, it’s quake and AA that aren’t. I’m asking if I should rank 5* Elektra up because she is a 5* and the future of the game.
  • chunkybchunkyb Posts: 938
    When I was going thru those quests, elektra was amazing for me... Tho I was using a duped 4*. I'd love to have a 5* version of her. She's not as fancy as the new champs, but she's still a killer and finisher. Plus, you get ability reduction w her as long as the opponent has a debuff. I'm a huge gwenpool fan as well and just wanna make sure and point out it doesn't take 50 hits for her ability reduction to work. 50 hits just guarantees it. But she has so many other tools available as well. Which I guess you know already.

    Idk much about this offer, but $5 to awaken aa is cheap as hell and worth it imo. All around amazing champ and total game changer. Not too much that he doesn't completely shred. Not sure of your war team, but I'd highly consider him a priority even as a 4*.

    New Luke really is light years ahead of old Luke. Many people love Quake.. And tho she can kill pretty much anything, I'm just not a fan of her style. That's not to say she's not amazing (she is), but she's just not my thing. I'd go Luke before quake tbh, but both are really, really good.

    As far as who helps in the last parts of 5.2.... I remember them being hell when I did my first run. I relied heavily on regen champs to get me thru. I didn't get too stressed about buffet and masochism and just tried to overpower them as my roster didn't give me a workaround to them. Aa, Gwen, elektra, Luke, quake are all great and can make it thru those quests when used properly. Idk if you have regen champs, but obv they'd help as well.

    There are some awful paths that give ppl nightmares. The 5.2.4 Magik was one that I've not stopped hearing about yet lol. But your champs can deal with her and the rest of those paths. The collector is a whole different story. Prepare for lots of anger.

  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 1,346
    Ok this is my roster. I’m not going for 100% exploration, just the Uncollected title. I just thought of this: I could explore 5.1 to awaken AA. Is quake worth the awakening? It gives her block prof and damage on block. Is it worth it?


  • RiegelRiegel Posts: 1,085
    Rank Quake even if you don't awaken her.
  • chunkybchunkyb Posts: 938
    That's a good roster. I'd chip away at it between aq/aw so you can use voodoo, Magik, and the rest. You can get it done with those. On ranking, I'd look toward the future... As you seem to be doing. Awakened aa will be an immense help pretty much everywhere for you. As you rip thru these quests, you'll be opening more 5*s and I'd concentrate ranks on them... Depending on their viability. Ranking only the necessary god tier/special use/utility 4*s is the way to go imo. 5* ranks are very expensive and you have to be choosy with them as you have been with 4*s.

    As far as 5.1 goes... There are parts that are a drain. It's not overly difficult, but it's not super easy either. I'd go with uncollected first bc of the rewards you get from it then go back and explore 5.1. Then a single clear of 5.3 and see where you're at. 5.3 isn't terrible but each fight is almost like a mini ROL with tons of block damage haha. But you should be a good deal further along by then.

    Monthly eq's will help a lot along the way as well. You're in a good spot and look to be going about it in a smart way. Idk if any of that helps.. But good luck with it!
  • 8406GR8406GR Posts: 54
    Let quakes dupe come naturally. She is not worth an AG.
    AA is highly valuable even unduped. His sig ability I’d geared for shitting down specific champs like magik (limbo) and to eliminate regen. I still take him as a 4* sig 16 to a lot of content. He is usually the MVP.

    5* l’s are th3 new 4*s so yes, tank up Electra.

    My rule of thumb is to never use an AG in a champ until I’m happy with their rank. I.e. I didn’t use an AG on AA until he was 5/50
  • KamGeeKamGee Posts: 41
    This is the team I ran with for my Uncollected run. AA is great for your Uncollected run! My AA, Gwenpool and Magik ran through a lot of the competition. Hulk did most of the work against the Collector though since his SA is to hit harder the lower his health is..
  • KamGeeKamGee Posts: 41
    But when it comes to Bane, go with who you are comfortable using. I’d suggest doing a couple practice runs if you aren’t used to Bane. I did and it helped a lot with the timing of it.
  • beyonder8421beyonder8421 Posts: 882
    Yeah, I meant for you to awaken AA :p
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 1,346
    Ugh so I was playin around with AA and I’m pretty bad. What are u guy’s strategies? I just parry heavy block heavy then spam heavy and blocking. Should I do something else? I’m pretty good with quake tho
  • chunkybchunkyb Posts: 938
    Parry, heavy to get started. Hit their block and otherwise play normal/spam some specials. He can't poison without them bleeding and can't neurotoxin without the poison.

    I will admit I don't have a usable aa so this is the information I've been told over time. Wish I had personal experience to share with you... But I believe the above is correct. Never hurts to confirm tho.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 1,346
    @XBlackBearX here’s the post if u can’t find it.
  • Found it bro. My initial run to become uncollected was with Phoenix, Rogue, Voodoo, StarLord and Scarlet.I personally would not recommend taking any bleed or poison champs for 5.2.6 as they become useless for the collector after a certain amount of his health is gone. Looking at your roster you definitely have what you need to get there. 5.2.4 i used a lot of AA and Gwenpool and had a lot of success. Scarlet still to me is an Act 5 MVP. Its just all about fooling and playing around the Masochism. Id recommend bringing Luke Cage for the Caltrops Storm though. 5.2.5 is is pretty much all around Bane. I just used my usual Act 5 team for that from the first sentence because Bane really isnt tough once you have seen it a lot. Once again Scarlet was an MVP. 5.2.6 i removed anybody who inflicted bleed or poison because again they will be useless against the Collector at some point. I used Scarlet, Rogue, Magik, Starlord, and Phoenix. The Collector is just all about removing as much health as possible per fight. Scarlet was by far the best option.
    On to the other questions Dont use a gem on Quake or Luke Cage, save for Void man. The Gwenpool vs. Elektra debate is definitely based on who youre most comfortable with. I have Elektra and Gwenpool at 5 star unawakened and have not found one situation in the game where i have chosen Elektra over Gwenpool. Gwenpool is constantly knocking content out for me faster than Elektra. Just me though. I didnt get my 5 star Hyperion until after becoming Uncollected but he just overpowers Act 5 opponents and i feel like hes more worth it to save for than a Thor. Thor is good but Hyperion is my go to guy. Medusa is the best cosmic for a gem though. As far as AA goes i just parry and heavy man. LOL. i only like to save him for Electros or Magiks though. or someone whos a nuisance to fight regularly. He's preferably better to use awakened and around sig 30 because when you get 3 neurotoxins stacked he completely takes away Ability Accuracy.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 1,346
    Ok thx @XBlackBearX . Was there any MVP for massochism, or just intercept and stuff? Who do u think I should take?
  • Masochism is just a annoying node i stopped caring about the debuff thing. If im gonna be honest Scarlet destroys every node. Shes like the easy button. Im pretty good at intercepting so them healing through stunning them didnt bother me. You have to also remember 5.2 has role reversal so class advantage is flipped. Looking at your roster id take Voodoo(I use Voodoo for everything lol), Magik(Nice damage and power control), Starlord( pure strength), Luke Cage( Strictly for the Caltrops Storm), Wolverine( can stack bleeds and Regen is pretty nifty). I would use that team and take the path that starts with Deadpool.
  • DizzyDizzy Posts: 189
    Hey man - I'm not sure how much more I can add to this thread, but I will say this:

    1) 4* Void (awakened sig 25) at 4/40 was one of my MVPs for Buffet and Masochism because he straight up shut down / reversed the regen and plowed through the latter half of 5.2. I wasn't paying much attention to the opponent's health meter in those fights... but I do remember them ending WAY faster than I imagined. For Masochism, I just made sure I "parried" at the right time to trigger Masochism, and enable the Intimidating Presence debuffs to stick.

    I'd consider using the gem on Void if you have a fair number of sig stones and aren't saving it for a future champ.

    2) Gwenpool (4/40) was surprisingly effective with bleedable enemies on Masochism... the bleeds stack up so fast that it just overpowered the regen at some point

    3) I restarted the Bane quest with Moon Knight about 10 times (since it only cost a few energy) until I cleaned him up with negligible damage lost. I had the added challenge of facing him during his evade cycle, so I'd avoid that if possible.

    DM if you think I could help on anything more, though I doubt it given your experience. Here's my post on my Uncollected quest with a team of 4/40s FYI.
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