Arena Crystal vs Uncollected Arena Crystal

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Can anyone with deeper understanding of statistic than I have (which is none) tell me if any one of these two have bigger chance to drop units?

Is there a difference between 5 shots at 15% and 1 shot at 15%, or should it even out?


  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,134
    Speaking in purely statistics, it is more likely to get units from 5 shots at 15%. However, it is the same odds to get the same units. i.e. you may gets units more often in arena crystals, but one uncollected arena crystal has the same units as 5 arena crystals. If that makes sense.
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    If you had 300k battle chips, and your uncollected, would you buy normal or uncollected arena crystals?
  • StrategicStrategic Posts: 370
    From my experience uncollected arena crystals are ****! regular ones are way better and way cheaper.
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 2,188
    They are the same. 5x the cost for 5x the rewards. Uncollected feel worse when you get all gold because of the increased cost but when you hit the payout is fantastic. The upshot is you will get the same units over time. Increased chance at the punisher is the only real difference. 73k PVP wins and I still don't have him though smh
  • 33k fights here and no punisher neither. Good to hear that general conclusion is tthat they even out
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    I used to think that the regular crystals were better for units. I would open 10+ uncollected at a time and usually get ONLY gold and not much gold. Then it changed. It’s been every other batch of 10 uncollected I get over 500 units. I’ve opened 1 and gotten the 265 or whatever the amount is. I can say that when I would open 100k worth of regular ones, I wouldn’t get 265 units most of the time
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    They have the same odds, why exactly would one be better than the other exluding the chance for 5* punisher?

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    Try popping ten or more at a time
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 2,188
    Nice! I don't even have a 4*
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    The regular arena crystals are better for gold and units. While the odds of getting gold or units are the same, if you get a punisher with the uncollected crystal, you have just spent 10k chips on him. If you pull him with the regular arena crystal, youhave only spent 2k and get more gold and units with the remaining 8k...
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    The uncollected arena crystals is best suited when having tons of battle chips. I’m talking about more like having 1million battlechip and then chip it in since you’re most likely to be given 2-3k units.

    If you’re really good at saving tons of crystals as well really good saving your battlechips then uncollected arena crystals suit your best.

    If you’re not good enough to safe crystals then the normal arena crystals suit your better for now and I said “for now” in meaning as in temporary until you’re getting good at saving :).

    It takes me 3-4 days to reach 100k battlechips, just so you know so you can have an estimate time to reach 1million or so but that’s just because of pure active grinding.

    For those that is relaxed arena personnel then maybe a week to reach 100k?
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