Should they fix what the drop rates say

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The Featured 5 star crystal just says 100% 5 Star. Do you think Kabam should change this for each 5 star's Drop Rate

Should they fix what the drop rates say 27 votes

Yes, They should change this
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No, it's fine
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Something else (please put comment)
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  • Batpotter1Batpotter1 Posts: 348
    Yes, They should change this
    They should change it so we can see the Actual Drop Rates for the featured and the normal 5 stars.
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    No, it's fine
    What do you mean? The new featured 5-star crystal has the same 4% drop rate for every champion that's in there.
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    No, it's fine
    Each champ has the same odds so it would be pointless
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    Just divide the odds by the number of champions. My only big complaint in terms of clarity is that they don’t give any info about gold crystals, but it’s ehh. I do think there’s a discussion to be had about whether odds should be changed for a drop or two in a couple crystals.
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    No, it's fine
    There is no increased chance at any Champ. It's literally 100% chance at a 5*. There are 6 Featured Champs in it so you have 25% probability, but they are individually equal. It's 24 random, equal possibilities.
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    Something else (please put comment)
    They don't have to so they wont
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    Yes, They should change this
    MU313 wrote: »
    I want to know the gold crystal drop rates because 100% chance for gold is a joke. Errr denominations please, don't think I have ever even seen more than 5k let alone 50k. 2400 99%

    That would be nice if they added the drop rates for the certain amounts of Gold.
  • Hi there,

    The Drop Rate of every Champion in the Featured 5-Star Hero Crystal is exactly the same. You are not more or less likely to win any Champion in particular.

    As for the Gold Crystal, I have raised this to the team for discussion. Closing this thread now, since the original topic has been addressed and answered.
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