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Tech rank up advise

TawliTawli Posts: 58
edited March 2018 in Strategy and Tips
Hi, I am close to having enough cc to upgrade a tech champ to rank 5 (4*) or rank 3 (5*). I have two alternatives, either SL 5* duped or Spider-Man homecoming 4* unduped. The reason for the doubt is because I am trying to get the trinity of death (Blade, GR and sparky) I already have GR 5/5 4* and I have enough cc to upgrade a blade to rank 3 or rank 5 if I get him. I appreciate any advice!

Tech rank up advise 16 votes

Spider-Man unduped 4* rank 5
Spity68BuckeyeKPVladislas22IceBobbyWabobaFhfjghhggggjfhfjg 6 votes
Star lord duped 5* rank 3
Alfa_PigeonbuffajrSpeedbumpphillgreenUC439Jones979VuDahcx23433shadow_lurker22KamGee 10 votes


  • UC439UC439 Posts: 261
    Star lord duped 5* rank 3
    Anyday 5* over 4* now when they're equally capable of stuffs.
  • TawliTawli Posts: 58
    Edit: i just got blade as a 4* i have enough tcc to make him lvl 50 should i still Go with SL or choose Spidey?
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