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Cosmos_2002Cosmos_2002 Posts: 120
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Which 4* to rank 5 ( or 5 to r3 )?

Goals are Uncollected, AW.

Current 4* r5 champions are GR, SL and Gwenpool.

Rank 5 24 votes

Red Hulk Duped
20% 5 votes
Luke Cage Duped
0% 0 votes
Quake Unduped
8% 2 votes
Iceman Unduped
54% 13 votes
5* Hawkeye Unduped (to r3 )
16% 4 votes
Wait for a better champion.
0% 0 votes


  • Foxhero007Foxhero007 Posts: 567 ★★
    GR? SL? AW?
  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    Red hulk in my opinion is a definite no, he takes too long to build up and his only unique thing is incinerate resistance stuff. Same with luke cage, you don't need another heavy hitter/bleed immune based on that team. Iceman is mostly useful for his immunities and ice armor/ plus evasion countering. He is a good option, but I would still go with quake. Think about it, there aren't many fights where you would absolutely need iceman in place of one of your other champs. If you are a skilled quake player, you can enter almost any fight with full confidence that you will win. You don't have to worry about intercepting or evading specials, you don't need to deal with a lot of nodes (such as bane), and you have a solid ability accuracy reducer. Quake is unique, which makes her higher priority imo
  • AY_WonderlandAY_Wonderland Posts: 96
    Iceman or Hawkeye are both good.

    Since you have only 3 r5 champs, you need to up more quickly in order to catch up your progress. Therefore I don't suggest you to wait.

    I guess you have enough T4CC in science, skills and mutant. You should rank up both Iceman and Hawkeye. Especially Hawkeye, his L1 power drain can help you solve a lot of problems. It is fantastic in boss killing. And he is 5 star champ! 4 star champs have no future in this game......sorry to say
  • KamGeeKamGee Posts: 44
    Go with the 5*.. like they said above, 4*s have no future in this game.
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