Start of Fight Glitch?

Anyone else getting this since new update? Starts at 9 seconds, every fight it flickers/glitches like this. LG G6 ok T-Mobile for mods


  • IronFist34IronFist34 Posts: 366
    Slow-mo'd here's what pops up:ipi451aa9y3u.png
  • becauseicantbecauseicant Posts: 317 ★★★
    Same thing happens to me, Phone is a OnePlus 3
  • XFA_RebootedXFA_Rebooted Posts: 1,045 ★★★
    Yeah! Me too! It'll probably be fixed during a scheduled maintenance though.
  • FineDogFineDog Posts: 180
    Yeah I haven't had any of the other issues people have noted, but I am seeing this every single fight. It's not affecting my performance but it's disconcerting.
  • Same here.
  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    Yep, Huawei Honor 5x here
  • OPIEOPIE Posts: 33
    It's to fix the skip jump from before. The one you got due to the sentinel it doesn't skip jump anymore. Now it glitches. It will get fixed.

    What won't get fixed is my trialpjjcoh7u9ak5.png
    of the infinite expired boosts due to emergency maintenance
  • IanMoone89IanMoone89 Posts: 592
    maybe its a sign saying, change your damn servers or hire better help lol
  • ScuebydueScuebydue Posts: 38
    Yup. Slightly annoying, but not as annoying as the choppy and unresponsive gameplay
  • ÆrroneousÆrroneous Posts: 53
    Im having the issue as well. Looks as if its a video driver issue flicker just before FIGHT pops up on the screen at the beginning of every fight, no matter what area of the game im in.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,146 ★★★
    Yes I'm having the same issues as well, it's a bit annoying.

    Sprint/Boost mobile 4g lte
    Moto E4 plus and Moto e4
  • JeSTaR82JeSTaR82 Posts: 2
    I've also had the same issue since the update. It has made it a bit less responsive. I installed it from the app store it started. I unistalled and then reinstalled and still the same issue. I play on My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and a LG Pad X 8.0 both Android 7.2.0 Or so.
  • IanMoone89IanMoone89 Posts: 592
    edited March 2018
    everytime i see that glitch i imagine broken matt persona would appear and tell me i am getting Deletion lol speak of the devil here he is lol

  • TeoskiTeoski Posts: 8
    Same problem here (Android device). It looks to glitch on the same spot where perspective used to change (part where it adapts to changes in opponents size).
    It flashes on every fight. Hopefully this will be fixed soon as it effects every fight regardless of champ/content.
  • Same here Galaxy S7, but I have a whole lot of other issues coming up besides that. In fight glitches, opponent looks as if vanishes for a split second and reappears right in front of you hitting you. Champs wont move...parry not working, at least for me, but the AI cant miss a parry at all except the special3 which I'm surprised it doesnt work against that either at this rate.
  • Same here.
    Also multiple alliance members notice party is broken (again kabam!) and I've been thrown out of the game twice in less then 3 hours. And the game has frozen once.

    Great update again, can't wait for the emergency maintenances and calls for rdt's...
  • IronFist34IronFist34 Posts: 366
    I have had the worst response time, game freezes and slows on me, and it's costing me units. @Kabam Miike are we going to get reimbursed for the glitches this update causes?

    I bet 'no'
  • JDunk2291JDunk2291 Posts: 216
    IronFist34 wrote: »
    Slow-mo'd here's what pops up:ipi451aa9y3u.png

    Same thing here
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