REALLY, have all champs become Indestructible or Endure ???



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    I have been in arenas constantly since my last post and not once has it stopped at 1% so I'd really love to see this bug/coding that causes them to 100% of the time survive at 1%... cause so far I'm at 0% in like 20 rounds
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    Anyone who thinks this game doesn’t have strange bugs is in denial, maybe this is one , and maybe it’s not happening to everyone... I don’t think they do things like this on purpose, there is no reason to, but if it is a bug I suspect it is a mastery playing up
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    coincidence I guess? In arena I can somewhat explain: boring ass fight that make you feel asleep so you don't pay much attention. Normally the last hit usually crit and deal a huge amount of damage but this time it doesn't and perhaps the enemy block it so you feel like they always survive at 1%
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    I find it funny I was called either an employee or a Kabam lover...

    I think there are legitimate problems with with this game, most notably Bishop and the hitlock on block since the update. This is not one of those problems. This is, with all due respect, someone trying to unnecessarily find one where there isn't.

    Hit them one more time. There's no secret to that. It's not a bug, you just need to finish your fights.
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    @420sam this post was not about my game play. I never said i play greate or that oponents combo me in an unfair way.
    @Patchie93 i never said this is a 100% glitch. I said that it happened to me aprox 10 out of 30 fights.
    I managed to cach one on video, a bleed stop at 1% and a shock stop.
    Will try to catch racoon sp3 in action also.
    Hiw can i attach the video? Tried by file but tells me "file not allowed" is it a size limit?
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    Now then the next question is did the timer stop early? Or just coincidence that it ended with them having 1% which is once again very possible due to rounding.
    Cause in my scenarios I almost always end the fight with a big crit that takes about 10-15% of their hp

    Also @Mainer123 said it happens 100% of the time.
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    hope this works, tried to change size and file type...
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    I just did some testing in the t4b arena. I noticed that when equal ranked champs face each other, the normal hit does 1% to 2% damage. A critical hit does 4%-6% normally depending on the champ (some champs have much higher crit and normal hit, so ignoring them).

    Just from this, there is very very high chance that you can capture enemies surviving at 1% hp.
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    I also thought this was just bad luck. But it DOES happen an awful lot, lately. I'm still inclined to chalk it up to bad luck, but if I have to take a cue from this: I shouldn't visit a casino anytime soon.
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    Ok guys, be your bad luck for me and i'm a poor player. Don't give a s**t!
    Just wanted to signal a problem that if will not be resovled will become really frustrating (it already is for me).
    When you will face it contact me.
    Until then good luck playing your perfect, unbuggy, expensive and most important fair play game!
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    OP still getting these 1% left??
    The same exact thing has been happening to me the last couple weeks or so. I just figured my luck has took the shittiest turn. But damn when it happens with my 5* Gully where any contact below 5% was instant death (not to mention her bleed) with deep wounds and assassin , something is fishy.
    We're not crazy !!!!!!! Lol
    Hopefully it "passes" soon.
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    Fizicyst wrote: »
    What I have noticed is that a lot of the time, the health will actually go to 0%, then magically back up to 1% (and not from regeneration or any health gain). I am pretty sure that they put in a line of code that says something like if AI is not too far in the red (below 0 health), just crank them back up to a few health (which shows as 1%). If I could record a video without the lag killing me, I would!

    This I have also seen. The health bouncing around the low end. 2% 1% 3% 2% 1% ko. Strange indeed.
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    Of course it's a real thing, because it's literally IN THE TRIALS AND DUNGEONS AS A BUFF/NODE (essence of death). I tell you what it's nice seeing my blade cling to that 1% closing out last boss in trial of omniscience, means I literally just used 1 champ for all levels.
  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★
    I noticed this recently and maybe a week after I saw it on the forum. Maybe 8 or 9 fights in a row recently it seemed that a special or DOT left the opponent at exactly 1%. It was enough to notice and be like "whaaaaaa....?" Since then I have noticed it off and on but an obviously noticeable amount of times. Can;t miss it now.
    Maybe it's just a Reticular activating system could also be a thing in the code.
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    OP is right, this is a thing... maybe not ALL the time, but a good few times I have noticed the AI stops on 1% a hell of a lot, it started a few months back now though.

    And it has been posted previous to this post, but it does occur. Again not all the time obviously, but at least once a day I fight a champ and my special will put them on 1% almost like endure is on.

    I also understand 1% can mean 87 health left or 358 health left as it all varies on champ and level....

    But it is a thing, just not 100% of the time.
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    Yeah I’m seeing it in dungeons and not with a node like that, champs taking 2-3 hits to kill even while on 1% when my hits were 2-4% before that
  • weavileweavile Posts: 288
    I like how my attack was dealing 5-7% even when blocked but when their hp drop to 3% they can withstand full 5 hits combo and special
  • Cross__HawkCross__Hawk Posts: 126
    Wow, this post has came back to life :)))
    Told you i was not crazy...
    Did you experienced the one where you do a sp3 with rocket racoon and the oponent remains with 1%? If is a bleed imune is more noticeble.
    Freacking funny and disturbing...that huge damage rocket sp3 leaves the oponent with 1%...
    But don't think we can do something about simply kabam style: get used with it or get lost... :(
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    This has been noticeable for a few months. The 1% just became a more frequent occurrence. Where it was fairly rare before. Now it's at the point where I'm starting to ignore it/not notice, but every once in a while there's a run of them and I go 'huh'. But when it first became prevalent, it was annoying.
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    The numbers don't change, so I can only conclude that there is no backing to this wild theory. Are you insinuating the numbers are not the damage we actually do? That would be ludicrous!
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    YoMoves wrote: »
    The numbers don't change, so I can only conclude that there is no backing to this wild theory. Are you insinuating the numbers are not the damage we actually do? That would be ludicrous!

    Are you insinuating that ludicrous things don't happen in this game? That's ludicrous! :wink:

    I also experience what @weavile said above. My hits doing 3-6% dmg until about 1% of their health remains and they eat a 5 hit combo with it. I know how to read node buffs. Not it. It is acting like "endure" tho.
    I have Assassin maxed. If anything the % dmg should increase in that range.
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    This is nothing new. It use to be called the black bar phenomenon before Kabam started using percentages in the health bar. I am sure there is nothing suspicious going on but it does seem like that last little bit of health can be harder to get down than the rest. Maxed Assassin helps a lot.
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    Everyone in our ally has noticed the same thing. All of these champs magically at 1% health after a combo or a special. Something definitely fishy is going on
  • haahamidhaahamid Posts: 17
    This went away and then started again. What a joke.
    Seemed to start again after I redid my masteries......
  • allinashesallinashes Posts: 558 ★★
    haahamid wrote: »
    This went away and then started again. What a joke.
    Seemed to start again after I redid my masteries......

    Weird... haven't noticed this in a while. Then yesterday it seemed to happen a few times. I haven't updated masteries in a good long while though. Could be something, could be streaky bad luck.

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    I have noticed it happens a lot more often. For me it tends to be aq most of the time. I'd guess its something that was calculated between damage output and total hp so that whoever was fighting, and whoever they were fighting, it would scale and make that near-death pop up. I have also had it happen more to my benefit also, so I'm not complaining, but everyone seems to be a gwenpool now.
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