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Our champs are unable to move forward to start combos

Mmx1991Mmx1991 Posts: 674 ★★★★
edited March 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
Past 2 or 3 days, this has happened 15-20 times at least. This unlike the previous unable-to-move problems because this is much more frequent.

When the AI is open to an attack or a counter and I'm close to them, my champ becomes rooted to the ground and I can't initiate a combo that starts with a forward attack.

So I end up getting just one or two hits in or nothing at all, or just a heavy.

Anyone else notice this? Really bad past few days.


  • AshersbashersAshersbashers Posts: 26
    Yes, the game is freezing, but mostly for us players, and not for the AI opponent. Its really bad.
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