Limbo is out of control, needs to be changed

I'm not the best fighter out there, but my alliance is easily top 250, and I'm one of the better folks in it, and I'm sick and tired of getting murdered by limbo.

I can take hard guys, I can take guys that require strategy, but having a perfect fight where you bring cap2, never let magik get to sa2, stun her like mad, and otherwise kick her butt and still die having taken 5% of her life JUST because of limbo is just total bull$&%#.

At this point almost every top war match has 5-10 limbos with md on almost every tough node, many of them duped 5*. It's just ridiculous, it's not fun, and it ruins the idea that you can play this game without mortgaging your house to do it.

Limbo needs to be neutered, immediately. Proposed changes:

1) reduce either the trigger percents or the damage or both
2) reduce the impact for class advantage, meaning my 99 rank 5 cap2 shouldn't die in 5 mins. I would even say damage should be 25% when you have class.

She already has power steal, power lock, rewind from limbo, etc. The crazy damage is just a kick in the groin.



  • SiriusBreakSiriusBreak Posts: 248
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    There's ways to **** Limbo. I have her (duped), and ran into her on node 43 (duped) in AW. She decimated my 5* YJ after I had wrecked her 4x over HP wise. Next match I mirrored her, and absolutely destroyed her. Certain champs don't stand a chance. Others can take her. Nerfing is not the answer. Hyperion with his power gain is redonkulous too, but there's ways to stop that just the same. Can power lock him with Magik or Psylocke (2 that I have off the top of my head.) Sometimes you don't have who you need. Then you gotta improvise. I don't believe in nerfing. It just screws us in the end when we need someone with an edge in harder quests.
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    Limbo isnt broken. Like with electro or abom, you just need to play strategically and bring the correct champs to deal with them.

    I do think that the regen in Aw def needs to scale to boosted HP again, but perhaps reduced to 30% of the boost. Cos right now, the regens are virtually pointless compared to other abilities. This will make them viable for defense again and hence allow for a larger diversity of viable champs for defense use.
  • rtilghmanrtilghman Posts: 29
    All the talk about skills is ridiculous... Magik is not like electro, or abom.

    You can bring any number of poison immune guys and safely rely on countering abom, and class will greatly reduce your damage. Same with electro, while the damage is severe it's not as bad and constant as limbo, and any stark or heavy regener can mitigate the hit, which you can also avoid by just waiting for sa3.

    Limbo is not limited for bosses like regen is. Limbo is triggered almost ALL the time b the simply act of fighting someone. There is NO way to counter the damage, which is more severe and constant than Electro, and electro doesn't get all his health back at the same time. Sure, I can bring guilly and curse her and maybe win, but that's if I can survive long enough to throw it, and the number of folks who can even semi effectively fight her is insanely small.

    Its ridiculous, and it's totally imbalanced with the rest of the game, the same way ds and witch were before they got nerfed. We're a 10 mil alliance, we fight in tier 1 pretty much all the time, and we all still struggle against her, even guys who are probably top 100 players in the game.

    You said "I probably don't have magik." I do, but I'll say the same to you; the only people who don't think she should be neutered are folks with duped 5* magiks that anchor their war teams, the same way folks with maxed ds and witch teams whined when folks argued they needed to be nerfed.

    If the goal of the game is balance it's clear that magik totally not balanced.

  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 1,680
    "OMG, why did you neuter my Magik? I demand rank-down tickets because I ranked her up and now she's ruined" - Literally everyone the day after Kabam nerfs her.
  • RealPastorRealPastor Posts: 82
    I killed 4* 5/50 duped magik as a boss with 4/40 x-23 (mine boss magik wasn't killed in this war, and she is only 4/40). x-23 regens most of limbo damage. Magiks health was taken from 170k to 35k with only one x-23 (even not duped). Then finished magik with 4/40 duped SL. She is not easy, but NC or Hyperion is much worse.
    P.S. I got NC and Magik, and won Hyp this arena too. I think there is no need to nerf somebody.
  • LordSneezeLordSneeze Posts: 10
    Sorry, but you sound like you are whinging because you haven't worked out the best ways to counter Magik.

    There are multiple viable strategies, but the key is not to attack or use Specials into the limbo.

    Firstly you can turn off Dex and play slowly removing the higher % chance to proc when reaching SP2.
    you can bring champs that counter well
    Power Lock (Vision, Dr Voodoo, Magik, Psylocke, SW)
    Heal Reversal (Gullotine) - My personal favourite method
    Healing (X23)
    Reduced Ability Accuracy (Electra, Crossbones etc)
  • Dakine86Dakine86 Posts: 153
    Max pacify and stun her over power thresholds.... top 250 you say?
  • weavileweavile Posts: 231
    magik is my least worry in war. Sure I can't always take her down, but do 5 hit and bait from sp1 usually work. Compare to that: Hyperion also need heavily baiting, hit like a truck. Evader can kill you in 1 combo. Dorm also has MD, but his special can only avoid with dex, can't be bleed. Cable become pray to RNG.
  • PlasmaKingPlasmaKing Posts: 105
    It is so irritating this continued moaning about champs because people haven't either learnt how to manage them or what champs to use against them. Champs need to perform all the way up to the top teams, if you can't beat them yet you have to develop and strengthen your squad not start complaining that things aren't working right or need changing.

    KABAM doesn't need to do more than fix bugs and champs not doing what they have been designed to. Absolutely KABAM should never nerf champs again, they have the ability to improve not reduce but now they have set the precedent of acknowledging such change are against various laws around the world they can't go that route again.
  • Il_JooOIl_JooO Posts: 301
    blablabla the op doesn't have Magik and he complains about it.. stop please
  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 1,388
    Yeah magik limbo is out of control, this energy damage should not scale with PI. It should be a fixed 100 (numerical value) damage just to say an example. Please kabam do the right thing!
  • Hopefully they wont do it. People complains about things they dont know how to play against.
  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 1,388
    Magik can stay as is but limbo damage should not scale with PI, it is ridiculous!
  • PlasmaKingPlasmaKing Posts: 105
    Her sp2 can be easily avoided and then she is easy to take down, all skills increase with rank so it's ridiculous to say its shouldn't scale
  • PlasmaKingPlasmaKing Posts: 105
    @rjancasz you can't avoid damage you avoid being hit!
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,393
    Good grief..if Kabam actually nerfed according to the forums Magik, Hyperion, Dorm, Starlord, Nightcrawler, Iceman and others would be nerfed. How about instead of complaining people come on here and ask for help. How bad would this game be if all the champs sucked equally. Grow up.
  • rjancaszrjancasz Posts: 23
    PlasmaKing wrote: »
    @rjancasz you can't avoid damage you avoid being hit!

    Actually, Magik's limbo is a great way to counter her damage. You time it so that you go into limbo when you send your opposing Magik into limbo. Point being, there are ways to fight Magik. No need to change anything about her. She is more than fine as is.
  • K1lltasticK1lltastic Posts: 375
    Limbo is perfectly fine.
  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 1,388
    No it is not!
  • CapWW2 wrote: »
    No it is not!

    If you use your 2* Superior Iron Man, then, yeah it's not. A bit of reading, and a bit of youtube could help you
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