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So... about piloting...



  • Kamikaze138Kamikaze138 Posts: 6
    I just ran a check out of curiosity. Seeing how I dont remember the permissions I agreed to allow this game to access when I installed it. This game asks for 0 permissions. None. Unlike social apps we use like Facebook. (Where we give them the world)

    I would gladly offer them "Device ID & call information" on my android phone. So I could freely get back some non-wifi'd fights. But more so to allow them to log my device ID. Yeah, I play on 2 different platforms. And play more than one account.

    So create a DB, tag my username to my device, create some DB filters and work it out. Use your heads. Get results. Your gonna need 2 separate DBs. One for a live login connect that has flag fields. And another that has a maintenance application that can update the other DBs flags that can also track incoming IP ranges.

    Programmers needs to work with the DBAs & NOC.

    There's a solution. They need to see it before they lose the the people who fairly play this game. There is too much cheating. Fix it or fail wlike Ubisoft did (10 yeah ago) Their reputation will never be the same.
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