Which 5* to R4? [Please Vote]

TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 348
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My T2 Alphas are expiring.

My current rank up choices are : Ultron (Duped; lvl 20), Medusa (unduped), Angela (Unduped). Whom should I R4?

Btw I already have 6* 1/25 Nebula as my double immune champ.

Which 5* to R4? [Please Vote] 37 votes

Medusa (Unduped)
RagamugginGunnerTrimbobBuckeyeKPSac123_1haunted_memorySuperSam57Savio444Hammerbro_64Animatronics_to3Thecrusher_9756taojay1ElitehunterSevSynFLYERcx23433Conquestor_VDumblledorethAnish2709 18 votes
Angela (Unduped)
HolyDirkness41vg2782Jank39buffajrMrLalowAjisdopeAnurag1606shchong2PrimeSaviour_27Dr_BrownEspGabrielJedo_5shadow_lurker22Al_ahadBDP1981 15 votes
Ultron (Duped, lvl 20)
StefanjonesMasterTroller42Foxhero007Next2Hell 4 votes


  • Dr_BrownDr_Brown Posts: 217
    Angela (Unduped)
    i'd say Angela because she has such raw power unduped and Medusa needs to be duped i think
  • AjisdopeAjisdope Posts: 411
    Angela (Unduped)
    I have a 5* rank four Angela and she hits like a truck
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