Sentinel Nerf 1.0

Ok so you're rebuffing sentinels because we are all soft and afraid of change... However. I posted this in another thread but it was buried

Sentinels don't necessarily need to be lowered, but I have a problem with the whole damnnnn sentinel build.

Sentinels were specifically created to smoke mutants, Why is it then that they smoke humans?

Even if you realllly stretch it, inhumans, mutated science, aliens, and techs like rocket or possibly stark Spidey (because of the spider bite) and starlord (because of his father) . Daredevil and iron fist would be a super duper reach, as would dormammu etc

Certain champs shouldn't be affected with all these debuffs, learning combos and specials, and other bs and may make them useable, you want diversity? You had an opportunity and BLEW IT!

Champs such as Ironman, iron patriot, black widow, Hawkeye, antman, black panther, civil warrior, crossbones, docock, vulture, falcon, Dr strange, Elektra, guillotine, hulkbuster, kingpin, Mordo, nebula, ultron, punisher, war machine, vision, winter soldier, yellowjacket etc. A suit nor skill, nor magic does make one mutated

Sidenote: black panther/killmonger not affected by magnetos skillset. Is Vibranium no longer considered a metal?

Does this not make sense?


  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 12,348 Guardian
    No, this does not make sense. In the comic books, while the original Sentinels were constructed to be used against mutants, nothing about their construction made them especially powerful against mutants. Their powers and abilities worked equally well against non-mutants. Class advantage is an invention of the MCOC game, it doesn't correspond to any particular comic book physics. In the Days of Future Past story (the Uncanny X-Men 141-142 story) the Sentinels have taken over all of North America, having killed not just most of the superpowered mutants, but also most of the non-mutant superheroes that tried to stop them. Specifically, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk were mentioned as Sentinel casualties.

    As to the question of whether Magneto can affect Vibranium. It depends. I believe he has been depicted as being able to do so in the past, but more recently he's been shown to be unable to do so:

  • LCv2LCv2 Posts: 18
    The relation of this game to the Marvel universe holds less water than a coriander. Sentinels are significant defensive upgrades over Symbiods, but in all honestly that's not where we should focus our concentration.

    We should be asking why the need for any repetitive opponent throughout AW, such as Symbiods and Sentinels. Are there not enough regular champs now? Is it a side admission that the mainstream characters do not have enough defensive capacity to stand on their own in the AQ build? Can their nodes not be buffed beyond reason like is done in so many other events and other areas of the game?

    Probably the same reason why we face so many empty nodes throughout the game. It makes no sense. Give certain amount of energy, yet require people to waste it on empty nodes - why not just give less energy and build fewer nodes?
  • xoRIVALoxxoRIVALox Posts: 247
    Thank you for clarification on that.

    And yes I agree it's repetative bs day in and day out
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