Rank down tickets

Could rank down tickets be more available and when do you guys think we'll get another set of them?


  • RixobRixob Posts: 355
    No no no no no stop asking lol would i like to have them? meh maybe if they gave all the gold iso and cats back. But tbh idek who id use it on
  • SheatRKSheatRK Posts: 6
    @Rixob I just really want one I regret ranking up my 5 star spider-man ;(. I hope they sell some for the 4th of July or something like that
  • They’ve only been given out twice so don’t hold your breath waiting. Would love one myself and would pay. Expect a steady stream of trolls to chime in soon on the subject.
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    if you don't put thought and planning into ranking your champs then that's your own fault. Im not going to r4 Loki (for example) just because i have the mystic t4cc and the t2alphas to do it, i am going to wait till i get a champ that is actually useful to me, like Iceman, Magik, Blade, etc. The resources it takes warrant you to decided what is best overall. I don't feel sorry for anyone who ranks up Karnak, IM, Black Bolt (for example). It might have benefited them short term, but overall it was their choice.

    Rank down tickets should only be passed out if Kabam purposely changes the dynamics of certain champs to make them perform differently than whenever originally introduced.
  • My MCOC forums bingo set is complete!

    This week someone has asked for rank down tickets, asked for a blade nerf, asked whether a champion is actually in the crystal based on the reel, asked to be unbanned, asked to use bluestacks to play and someone’s made a completely useless poll!


    I love this
  • Didn’t take long. There’s more then “regrets” that go into these requests. Could be as simple as ranking Starlord early on.. Then pulling Spark and falling in love with his fluid movements for example. All your resources are in Starlord though so Spark sits and rots. Kinda kills the fun of the game to have amazing champs with no hopes of ranking them this life time.
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    why are we here just to suffer
  • SnizzbarSnizzbar Posts: 587
    Kabam opened themselves up to these threads by giving us RDTs at Christmas for absolutely no reason at all, which shot down all the broken record idiots who keep saying they're for champ changes only.
    Now there's no reason not to have more available, other than that they don't want to.
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 374
    I'd like to see rank down tickets annually for xmas. I don't think theres anything wrong with that cuz it makes you still go after new champs.
  • Willjackson16Willjackson16 Posts: 239
    No one moans about rank up tickets cos that don’t break the game but rank down tickets destroy everything cos that makes sense
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 2,103
    To be honest, I'd love to see RDT's in the game. Make them a low-percentage drop from the Greater Solo Crystal like 3* Awakening Gems.

    I think the reason Kabam doesn't want them is because players would use them to move resources to higher-star champs (i.e. rank down their 4* 5/50's to get the cats to rank up their 5* champs). No doubt I would rank down my 4* champs to boost my 5* army. A simple fix would be issuing a matching Rank UP ticket when you use your RDT. Rank down a 4* Tech from 5 to 4, you get a 4-> Tech rank up ticket. Ranking would be limited to the same star, rank, and level.

    It would also allow players to rank up and down champs to suit specific quests (like ranking up Loki specifically for Act 5), then dumping him afterwards. I think this is actually a good thing. Why have 120+ champs in the game if we're forced to latch onto only a few of them?
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    Dexman1349 wrote: »
    I think the reason Kabam doesn't want them is because players would use them to move resources to higher-star champs (i.e. rank down their 4* 5/50's to get the cats to rank up their 5* champs).

    In every MMO that has a progressional option comparable to rank up, there's the general question of "do you allow players to change their minds and take back those progressional materials and reuse them somewhere else." When the answer is "in general, no" the rationale behind that decision is usually the same: the intent is to create a situation where spending those materials is a decision the players should take seriously, and specifically face the consequence that those decisions cannot be undone. You're supposed to decide both when and how to spend those resources, and live with the consequences. One of those consequences is you can't use them again, ever, barring very special circumstances.

    In other words, it is not about shifting to higher tier champs. It is about making players believe that once resources are spend they can't get them back ever again, to force them to think carefully before spending.
  • Thanks for your question and interest in Rank Down Tickets. We've commented quite a few times on this topic, although it's possible you may have missed it. These were introduced for very specific purposes, and we don't have intentions of providing additional Rank Down tickets at this time.
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