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Monthly quest for April

I will have to say that this is the first monthly quest in a long time that where the fun was taken out of the game.
The ridiculous nodes on the bosses and mini bosses have made the quest no fun. I hope that the monthly quests in the future are not like this one. I understand that the game needs to be difficult so the it cant just be walked through but this is at a crazy level!
Rant over!!


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    only real complaint i have is the energy costs. reeeeally long quests.
    besides that, they were fun. seems like they focused the difficulty on the "mini's" and bosses. paths were pretty straightforward and easy, though i know that difficulty is relative. but the difficulties across levels seemed about right overall.

    i also liked the use of the nameless. it'd be cool to see "twisted" versions of existing champs used more often. the mash-up champs from back in the day were always some of my favorites. still want a spider witch lol. and usually, we see the new characters buffed so hard that it's difficult to see what they'll be like when playable. think they did a better job with that this time.
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