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    so I ranked up one of my 5* to 4/55, and then 5* cristalls appeared, but milestone of 3k stands yet. guess it should change with new dungeon appearance. still have chat issues anyway
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    will i get the top tier milestones when it refreshes later if i rank up now or will it make no difference because kabam keeps you in same bracket you was before event was introduced?

    @Kabam Miike can you answer this question for me please matey
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    As far as I know there isn't an official definition from Kabam but the community has pretty much figured it out. It's an average of your top 5 champs with or without masteries (I can't remember). Calculators do all the math for you and there's a handful of them around so you figure your prestige out. It's particularly useful for contributing to your alliances AQ score and, as of right now, placing you in a bracket for the dungeons event going on

    Average of top 5 PI champs WITHOUT masteries.
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    @Patchie93 , they did it by total rating for 12.0 compensation, and gave out the info ahead of time so people had a chance to get to the next bracket if they were close at least. This time they made no mention of it, and never gave people a chance to up their bracket beforehand. I’m 160 points away from the 5500 cutoff for the 7500 milestone, and infuriated Bc I could have easily ranked up a 5* to get into the bracket if Kabam actually communicated with their player base.

    Ok true forgot about the warning and I'm not at all saying that everything about this is fine. I'm a fairly low prestige only 4.4k or so. But I agree that the gap is ridiculous and understand the frustration. As im more looking at the dust I'm missing out on and if it will prevent me from getting my 5* AG.
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    So this is going off of the assumption the cutoff is 5500 prestige. I just did the math, and being in the 5k bracket not only lowers the amount of dust you get but also the DA’s. So I’m 160 pts away from the cutoff and now I can only get a max of 2 5* crystals, and i’ll Come up short by about 400k from the 5* ag via dust(excluding the vanquishing blow events). This is a major defeated feeling to find this out now after being led to believe if I put in the time, i’ll Be rewarded. I have the resources to get my prestige above the cutoff but at this point it won’t matter. I really hope they find some way of compensating us for this shortcoming on kabam’s behalf. This all could have been easily avoided if this was stated before the event like you did back for 12.0 compensation. Please do the right thing and fix this issue ASAP Kabam, and don’t make it come down to the players vs. the creators again. Please learn from your past mistakes that lack of communication can really hurt the trust and relationship between you and your player base.
    Seriously this is a word I can't say cause its against forum rules(it rhymes will dullpit). Having the milestones/crystals separated by prestige is fine BUT TELL US WHAT THE CUTOFFS ARE. And also not allowing people who enter that cutoff have access to it is even more of a scummy move. And what makes this even worse is someone was asking about the 5* crystals but the only reply they got was about the milestone brackets. Come on guys what ever happened to having more transparency with us. This event seemed so good but got ruined by lack of proper communication between you guys and the player base.

    Proof of boosting prestige not getting into brackets.
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    It should be 5k plus also they don't even know how to show the information properly which is why we can't see cutoffs.
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    I think that we can all agree the the addition dungeons, trials, crystals, and new currency are great. What makes me angry though is the fact that kabam did not tell us that in order to safely buy the 5* awakening gem you need a certain prestige, which may I add they did not tell us what that prestige was. Personally I have a prestige just above 5000, with my top champ being an unduped rank 4 dr voodoo so unless I go extremely hard in vanquishing blows, which I dont have time for, I will not be able to get the 5* gem. The only reason I brought voodoo to rank 4 unduped was because I had t2 alphas expiring, but I didn't have the gold in order to bring my magik from 2 to 4, and I believe that they could of fixed the gold problem with dungeons as well. It's people at this level who I believe need the gem the most. People at really high level are able to get sometimes 2 5* crystals a week, so chances are at some point they will be able to dupe the champ they want at some point. Now I understand trying to balance the game so that people who joined last week dont get a 5* gem, but the people who need them the most are also not able to get them. And if you are going put people in brackets based on prestige, LET US KNOW THAT FIRST. I think kabam was really close to hitting the nail on head with this update, but as usual forgot to communicate to the community which is creating a lot of backlash.

    I think this is the end of my rant
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    If there had to be a cutoff, then it had to be somewhere. And people right under the cutoff would make threads like this. I can kind of see why Kabam would implement prestige cutoffs like this instead of making the milestones available to everyone - it would make newer players feel more accomplished by completing all their milestones and it would prevent them from progressing quicker than intended with pulling a new basic 5* champ.

    I think the bigger problem is the ridiculousness of Kabam's refusal to give out exact prestige numbers when it is clear how big of a role prestige plays in this game. We all have our prestige calcs and a ballpark range of what our prestige is. Kabam's reasoning of not showing prestige numbers is because prestige isn't viewable in-game. If you were going to design core game mechanics around prestige and make events/quests/milestones available around prestige, it doesn't make sense to act like prestige is supposed to be some hidden number. Sure it might confuse newer players at first, but a quick 1-sentence explanation of what prestige is is all someone needs. I'm not even asking for prestige to be visible in-game, because that would take engineering and time I know. Just acknowledge that prestige plays a big part in the game and that releasing prestige cutoff numbers for this and future events won't do any harm.
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    They don’t even need to show it in game, but they should have told us in advance before the event started. If we had weeks notice even I could have easily got into the top bracket, and I’m sure I’m not the only one in this position.
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    Using a prestige calculator, my prestige is at 5445. Were the brackets locked in before hand? If you raise your prestige to the supposed cutoff will the milestones increase upon refresh?
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    Well it probably will increase at the next dungeon iteration lol. Not much in this game changes retroactively when it comes to tiers/brackets/milestones. There is 30+ days of dungeons so it won't make the biggest difference.
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    I was extremely mad when I found this out as well. Had my heart set on the awakening gem and if my math is correct , I'll end up just short because of this. The logic behind this decision is one I will never understand. I've been on the fence in leaving over the recent direction kabam has taken as of late. If this messes me over on my rewards, I'm going to move on. Hopefully someone with a brain at kabam sees this thread and realizes how terrible of a mistake they've made.
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    Your forget one thing. High end player will finish the milestones by running stage 6 under 1 hr. A mid skilled should allowed to reach that milestone too even if he needs to grind the whole day.

    And there i one more thing. There are several player who don't want to upgrade trash champions only becouse the prestige, but finished uncollected,etc..., but only becouse he is unlucky when opening 5* crystal, they haven't got enough prestige for this. And nobody cares what they did in the game.

    How can an uncollected player unexperienced to get a 5* hero (becouse that's what the mods said...)??[/quote]

    I cant agree more with this currently system is BS tbh.
    Just trying to see it from both sides.. if u look at the post in the forum now its all about Dunguon and prestige..
    If i shud set the system based Kabam onces claimed its more about skill.

    So some kind of point system for each events u cleared or titel i earned.. it wud be way more fair since it shud be about "skill" and not "prestige aka how many FGM or stupid r4 u have to have the correct prestige..

    Mention before and gonna do it again.. AQ shud be similar to AW.. attack bonus points, add att divisity (so its not all Blade trio running around AQ) , att bonus finish timer (altho this cud end up with too much acc sharing). - altho just gives us the damn 30mins timer as permantly

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    @Darcilis , from what I’ve found it’s locked in, so even if you get above the 5500 level this month you’ll be stuck in the 5k bracket. Maybe @Kabam Miike can confirm this,because I haven’t seen it been 100% confirmed yet.
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    It's a shame. I legit love playing this game but at the same time am considering just moving on from it entirely because of the garbage treatment towards the community. They consistently mess things up and short change their players then completely ignore or flat or delete legitimate complaints. I asked a very reasonable question regarding the nonsense prestige requirements for dungeon milestones and rewards which has been ignored. They show with every action they take how little they care about their player base and our concerns. It's time for player spending to stop until Kabam takes steps to make things right.
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    Sincerely, a concerned customer who's ready to fire you, but giving you a chance to retain my business.

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    @zeezee57 I agree 100%
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    I have more prestige and total hero rating than an alliance mate. He has 5k cutoff and I have 3k... I'm uncollected, he's working on it. All my numbers are higher yet lower bracket??? Is it cause I haven't spent money in a couple months?
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    Why aren't all milestones available to everyone? If you're good enough to complete them with a subpar roster you've earned the rewards. They give a free 5* in the road to a million arena and give plenty of shards through calendars to get 5* champs to ALL players, but suddenly for the biggest marvel movie event of all time they stifle progress to an unreasonable degree because "can't let them new players get easy 5* champs". Disgusting.
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    This seriously is not fair at all this milestone is only for the top spenders. What was the point of us getting this strong if we can't even handle one more milestone?

    I’m not close to a top spender and I have the 7.5k milestone.
    udhabaj wrote: »
    Such logic @Kabam Miike let the whales benefit and screw the rest summoners?
    Wow, just wow
    Seems like we all see different things based on the strength of our rosters. While this post is about crystals it looks like it could follow the same design logic and have a similar effect on milestones too. Not sure if this is totally accurate but I’m leaning in this direction.


    Not a whale and have the 7.5k milestone. I agree tho that the prestige should be lowered to 5k for the last milestone. Everyone who has that last milestone isn’t a whale, a top spender or in a top alliance.
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    Oneslydogg wrote: »
    I am at 5461 prestige so I’m going to burn some sig stones in hopes it jumps me up and i get the highest bracket

    Please let us know if that works for you when the dungeons resets today
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    There's no positive way to view this as a player. It sucks because the only mobile game I actually enjoy is in a downward spiral and it has nothing to with the game itself. I've never felt more frustrated about something meant to be a release from the daily stresses of life than I am right now. I hate Kabam so much for doing everything in their power to ruin what used to be an enjoyable pass time.
  • Hey, everyone -

    I went ahead and merged a couple different threads into this one as they all revolved around the same matter. I understand that there is a lot of feedback and disappointment coming in about this and that's why we want it all in one place. We want to be able to answer and address this in one thread rather than multiple as it only ends up cluttering the forums.

    So thank you for your feedback on this, we'll be sharing it with the rest of the team.
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    I'm level 60, uncollected, and fully explored act 4. I have a 332,000 base hero rating, 14 5-star champs, including a 4/55, 3 3/45, 10 5/50, and enough t4cc to take up a few more. Because I focused on building a deeper roster for war, chasing t4cc at the expense of t2a, my prestige suffers and I miss out on this, which further holds back my progress? How does that decision get made?

    If you don't have the 7500-point milestone available, you miss out on a huge chunk of dark artifacts and infinity dust. It's a really weird place to draw the line.
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    Seriously this is a word I can't say cause its against forum rules(it rhymes will dullpit). Having the milestones/crystals separated by prestige is fine BUT TELL US WHAT THE CUTOFFS ARE. And also not allowing people who enter that cutoff have access to it is even more of a scummy move. And what makes this even worse is someone was asking about the 5* crystals but the only reply they got was about the milestone brackets. Come on guys what ever happened to having more transparency with us. This event seemed so good but got ruined by lack of proper communication between you guys and the player base.

    Proof of boosting prestige not getting into brackets.

    thats not proof of anything, milestones are not going to change half way through the days event
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