Separate chat for leader and officer

Hi! CosmicRay14 here! So I thought it would be really awesome if you could add a separate chat that JUST the leader and officer are able to talk. I think this would really help in making decisions in an alliance. Tell me what you think!


  • Or just use an outside app for communication like the majority of people do (LINE, Groupme, CHQ, etc). Can't upload screen shots to the in game chat. Can't add links, be they videos, web page, images etc. Can't cut and paste. The history is short so looking back on what was said earlier if the chat gets extensive is impossible. If you want to communicate properly I'd advise DL-ing an outside communication app. Or you can keep using the game chat. Your choice in the end. Just speaking from experience here. If they add all those functions to the in game chat, then perhaps a Leadership chat would be useful.
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