Disadvantaged Łegion, Plat 3 AW Alliance, Looking For Players

Disadvantaged Łegion is looking for a player that is serious about AW and wants to be in an alliance that prioritizes it. Someone who enjoys testing themselves, pushing their skills to get better in AW. Skills must be at “lane clearer” level at a minimum. Existing platinum 3 experience preferred.

Player must not be burnt out on the game, feeling like they are getting burnt out, not sure if they are burnt out, contemplating retirement, or have put their account up for sale just to see what would happen. Dont waste my time if any of the preceding applies to you. Join someone elses alliance so when you quit or sell in two weeks they have to look for a replacement and not me.

If you’re serious about this game and want to push yourself in AW here’s what I’m looking for.

Prestige: 6400+. We finished 301 in AQ this week running 5x5. Will look to crack top 300 by next AQ.

Roster: •Ideally at least one 5* R4 for defense and 5* R3s for majority of the rest
• Preferred if there is a Void and the player actually knows how to use it in in AW

Availability: Able to manage their schedule in such a way that they are able to move in AQ and AW throughout the day. This means at work.

Communication: Player must have the common courtesy to @ their teammates when they clear them in AW or AQ.

Arena must not be a foreign concept.

If any of this long screed applies to you, in a positive way, please contact me on Line or in-game.

Ally Tag: DH-DŁ
Line: Bubba6161
IGN: •Legion


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