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Which Mystic 5* to Rank up?

I only have two Mystic champs that are 5*, and I realize that I am almost able to rank one of them up. They are both at Rank 1 as of now, possibly going to Rank 2

Which Mystic 5* to Rank up? 66 votes

MattyloAlfa_PigeonHaji_SaabSMiller80Aakashvg2782TheManMythLegendbuffajrAfridNguyenDauJadedJets44BuckeyeKPAjisdopeHugeBeanphillgreenMets17Cliffinho2016KossukoseMasterTroller42 63 votes
Iron Fist
TeddersFingfangfoomfanescx234333 3 votes


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