Arena glitching???

This has happened to me 3 times in a row now. Way past into the infinite streak in the 5 star featured arena.. i use ironman, drax and xxx all 4 star 3/30s and it triggers death squads. Other 4 star 3/30s are fine but when i use ironman drax and someone else so far (3 times) it triggers death squads and screws me over. Can someone please address this issue. Isn't 4 star 3/30s supposed to be enough to maintain the infinite streak??


  • JulzJulz Posts: 11
    Any response?
  • Javed_AhmedJaved_Ahmed Posts: 15
    Julz, any champ whose rating is below or around 2.8k rating will trigger death squad. This is happening from last week onwards only. I have reported the issue but not reply. I'm playing 5* arena from day 1 and faced such issues till now. There are tons of champs (useless 4*/5*) that we cant use them even in arena because of this reason. They should reduce the required rating to solve this problem. Other problem is I reported here 2 days back still no prely from KABAM
  • Javed_AhmedJaved_Ahmed Posts: 15
    *still no reply from KABAM
  • JulzJulz Posts: 11
    I've heard from another source that it is 3.2k? maybe that's correct. Coz the team that i have that is currently triggering consists of champs all above 2.8k (but under 3.2k) other 4 star 3/30s seem fine. but when i get to my team of 3/30s that are under 3.2 they trigger it.. annoying af! Any official response from kabam to clarify this would be appreciated
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    This is neither a bug, nor a change to the Arenas. The match ups you receive are based on the total rating of your Team, vs a projected team rating for your opponent. With more and more Rank 5 5-Stars in the game, this has shifted what many thought of as the formula for the "infinite streak". However, like I said, this is not a change or a bug.
  • shawnli87shawnli87 Posts: 99
    I think the death squad cutoff isn’t based on PI, contrary to popular belief. My lowest PI r1 5* team averages 2.8k, and does not trigger death squads. My lowest PI r3 4* team averages about the same, but only triggers death squads when I run suicides and the PI average increases to 3.1k.

    I think it may actually be related to the average of a certain stat, likely health (as that decreases with suicides).
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