Open 10K Shard 6* Crystal, Open 15K Shard 6* Crystal, Save for next 15K Shard 6* Crystal

Hey all, after finishing this months Uncollected Event Quest I have enough 6* Shards to open my first crystal.. I'm not a huge fan of the 10K pool but also don't have the best luck it seems with 15K crystals. Would like the forums help in decision making thought process. Thank you all.

Open 10K Shard 6* Crystal, Open 15K Shard 6* Crystal, Save for next 15K Shard 6* Crystal 33 votes

Open 10K 6* Crystal
SpeedbumpFoxhero007Icecold2099aWildeCatJayfighter88iRetr0IKON 7 votes
Open Current 15K 6* Crystal
belli300Sac123_Adam234SpiritOfVengeancetaojay1BahamutAnimatronicstoBeastMode08KDSuperFlash10Ronin916 10 votes
Save for next 15K 6* Crystal
sfu_koraxGreifmaster911Thecrusher_9756adknight27PincheChingonPeterQuilldfmoore26XFA_RebootedNick0609FyrewalkerAWfocusedIBlueShiftIAl_AhadHKGNcx234333justin311Razim_Çepuusketit 16 votes


  • Greifmaster911Greifmaster911 Posts: 316 ★★
    Save for next 15K 6* Crystal
    Im saving for the next 6* featured
  • Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Open 10K 6* Crystal
    Actually open the current or next 15k crystal depending on what champs you like most in their respective pools.
  • iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,241 ★★★★
    Open 10K 6* Crystal
    In the end it's all RNG, do what you want but I feel saving those 5k shards would be better
  • G0311G0311 Posts: 910 ★★★
    depends on your needs, i have a 6* Angela, so now I'll be saving for the 15k, which I should be able to in Sept (unless some how we a 6* shards offer, i wish, ) I really needed a 6* because I did not have any 5* R5 and just 3 5*s at R4, but now that I have 4th 5* at R4 and more5*s at R3, I can wait for the featured. (I tend to have amazing pulls)
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    edited May 2018
    Open Current 15K 6* Crystal
    It is a game take the risk and get one of the featureds they have amazing pools. Well this one does but the next one will have better featureds.
  • BeastMode08BeastMode08 Posts: 10
    Open Current 15K 6* Crystal
    I recently opened 15k. Pulled void. I wanted him or gulk really so I'm happy.
  • AnimatronicstoAnimatronicsto Posts: 194
    Open Current 15K 6* Crystal
    Meant to say wait for the next one. Iron Man, Cap, Sabertooth etc
  • Blitzkilla420Blitzkilla420 Posts: 561 ★★★
    open the 10k and save 5k and disappointment if you dont pull the champ you want. easy choice
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