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    I'm gonna be passing on this and continuing to pass on all of these ridiculous heavy grind events with worthless rewards. If there was a reasonable amount of artifacts included, I might be interested.

    Not giving my life up for this stuff. It's warm out and I refuse to be glued to this game. There must be some kind of balance implemented to keep this game interesting besides selling kidneys to buy stuff and ignoring real life to grind out modestly valuable rewards.

    Additionally, I will be passing one double dungeon day for the same reason. It's my favorite holiday weekend and I will go enjoy it. Obviously that doesn't apply to all, and everyone can do what they see fit.

    This sums it up for me.

    I’m no longer engaged by the “sit and stare at a screen and tap a single button” events. Surely, they know most players run the mind-numbing RTTL quests for 1 energy each or Beginner/Normal EQ to get the required points. Why create events like this—especially when the most recent round of complaints was that dungeons were an overlay of even more time on an already time consuming game? It’s as if the game team has no idea of the way the game gets played...

    And to the additional point about putting the double dungeon day smack dab at the start of summer vacation for nearly all of North America and on Memorial Day weekend? Four years of playing this game and I continue to be shocked at how tone deaf Kabam is. Next thing you know, they will celebrate female empowerment by having an event that requires you to beat up female champs.

    Now cue up one of the usual masters of the obvious to drop in and say “it’s not mandatory—you don’t have to do it.”

    Dr. Zola

    You don't have to do it :)
    But really, we're all doing it anyway. And killing ourselves to get it done.

    My ipad broke and I had to see if it was worth getting fixed and if not, pick out replacement. I missed a few days of dungeons and the first vanquishing blows because of it and it's now no longer possible for me to reach 6.9mil dust. Also it ruined my chance of getting Blade (twice).

    It also gave me a few days without the possibility to be glued to my device. So I worked in the garden, organized the kitchen, emptied and painted my sons room, went to bed early and slept in and did some other stuff I'd been putting off. I liked it and figured I would change the way I play when I had an iPad again. But right now I'm grinding away to get some points in vanquishing blows and dungeons before they reset.

    We don't have to do it, but with this game, to keep up with the high end content we kinda have to. When playing competitive you can't ignore content others are doing without falling behind.
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    I hit all the milestones from just doing daily quests and beginner mode EQ. What the **** are you kids crying about? This is quite an improvement compared to the last vanquishing blows format.
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