Actually making the game playable

In order to help level up your champions you need to do these events and quests but the opponents are too powerful bacuse I can’t level up my champions, and who wants to pay up to £99 for **** and you get **** all anyway?! In app purchases are too pricey.


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    You don't need to spend money to advance in the game. You do need a little patience. The game is designed with a lot of different content with a lot of different difficulties. You will get best results taking on the highest content you can take on without spending.

    There are a lot of different aspects to the game that would take a long time to fully discuss, but the big picture is that the game challenges you in two different separate ways. It challenges your twitch skills in actual combat, and it also challenges your resource management skills to build up your roster, amass rank up resources, and level up your champions in the way that will be most useful to you.

    You have to be willing to build up slowly over time: as you continue to play your progress will accelerate over time, at least until you reach the upper levels of the game. Don't assume you should be able to do the highest difficulty things immediately, or even in just a few weeks. That's not how this game works.
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    Thank you for the advice
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