Deathmatch depends on prestige?


In this photo, i was at streak 129 when i got this deathmatch. My team has above 11k rating and still got a deathmatch. luckily i managed to win against it.


After i win against that deathmatch, i tried using a team of r3 again with above 10.5k rating. I didnt get a deathmatch.

I just want to know why this happened. Is it that the algorithm of having a deathmatch depends on total prestige of your team? if so, then what is the minimum requirement? When other people got 2 r5:65 5*, the deathmatches were adjusted and i tried and tested that the minimum requirement is above 10.5k. i used that same 11k team in my earlier round and i didnt get a deathmatch. Do we really get random deathmatches in higher streaks?

P.S.: i cant stop using my r3 4* in grinding. those champs give me around 100k per grind. I grind 8x a day that means it's a 800k/day and 2.4m in 3 days. That's a big loss for me.


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    In my experience, When using 3x 3/30 a death match is possible regardless of which 3/30s you use, It is a possibility not a certainty.

    *more accurately 3x 80CR (challenge rating)

    ** in the near future it is likely to be a guaranteed match up. To avoid it, for now, 1x 90cr + 2x 80cr.
  • txthreetxthree Posts: 32
    Sorry mate, but what do you mean by challenge rating? and how do i know the challenge rating of my team?
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    Challenge rating is on the stats page in the profile of a champion. (The i next to attributes)

    4* 3/30, 5* 1/25=80
    4* 4/40, 5* 2/35 =90
    4* 5/50, 5* 3/45=100
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    141 rounds in Blade Arena no death matches here. I’ve also ground (grinded?) significantly in both the 45* and 456* arenas and never got death matches when I followed my formula:

    Start with highest 3/30 4*s for 1st 4 matches (skipping my 6 best 3/30 4*s)
    Runs max R1 5*s for matches 5-8
    Matches 9,10 run with those best/strongest 3/30 4*s I saved
    Matches 11-21 start at my highest champs (R4 5*s and 5/50 4*s) and work my way from the top down (getting Thanos Team at Match 11)
    Fights 22+ use anything I want 3/30 4* or max R1 5* and higher.

    Following that I’ve never had a “death squad”

    Occasionally on fights 11-15 as I work my way from top down I get a strong regular player team for 1 match instead of Thanos for some reason, but since I’m using my best champs it’s no big deal.

    Not sure if that info helps but that’s been my experience
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    @txthree are u mixing low 4/40s and high 3/30’s? Just curious. I try to keep rankings the same on my teams
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    @DukeZman, there were some changes in the formula with the minimum pi rating to avoid deathmatches. It was because of the strongest players getting 2 r5 65/65 5* in their rosters. I always get a deathmatch when my team is below 10,500 or when i use a champ below 3,500. I tried avoiding it by only using a team higher than 10,500, and i was successful the whole day yesterday.

    @CoatHang3r okay thanks mate. so you're saying we could reduce the probability of getting deathmatches if we mixed our teams by having 1 90cr and 2 80 cr.
  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,136 ★★★★★
    Yeah, it doesnt reduce the probabilty it removes it, for now.
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