Marvel Insider Rewards?



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    I have as well experienced this problem. I hope Kabam can solve this quickly because it is very annoying to be waiting on items that worked hard to earn.

    Kabam can't do anything about it since they don't own or control or have any say over marvel insider. Marvel insider is it's own thing and has nothing to do with kabam other than to promote the game while kabam promotes the site and they give us offers.

    Though I do think that the timing and the site do need to be improved but that's on insider to do, I'm using Firefox with desktop mode on my phone to use the site.


    And you won't have him anytime soon, Carnage won't be delivered until july. To be more specific his bundles delivery time is in between the 17th and the 21st so you still have a very long wait for him.

    All you did was redeem your points so that he gets delivered in the date range that they promised and nothing more.

    It tells you this in the description, so you have to wait like the rest of us who did the samething and like everyone else who has done so in the past.
  • I have reach out to marvel and nothing!! I'm still waiting on my Groot bundle and my points from normal mode of the sentry challenge!!!! I feel we should get a free six star crystal lol!
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