Anyone out there who recognizes a deal too good to pass up? Or do you need someone to smack you?

Have posted a few very long and detailed posts describing our alliance, what we are doing, and what we are looking for in a recruit. A lot of people don’t make the cut and have to be kicked. We are as elite as a hardcore alliance without being a hardcore alliance. Our goals of being best casual alliance in game are to hover between Tier 3-5 in AW, being Expert Tier in AQ by only doing map 3 & 4 (while being capable of map 5), and reaching certain milestone rewards and rank rewards such as Summoner Advancement every week. We have already accomplished these goals or are about to accomplish them within the next week or two.

We are Tier 5 War. We lost our last War that I believe would have put us at Tier 4. We won 13 out of 14 of the previous wars before that. We are going for top 700 in AQ this week and if we don’t hit it this week, we will hit it next week. We have reached Summoner Advancement the past couple weeks since I was successful in recruiting the people that we needed to join us. Prior to that we had around 20 members and would hit S.A. every other week. That problem is solved now. We also ran 1 battle group in War to keep our win ratio at around 80-90%. We have the members needed now to run 2 Battle Groups and were successful with our first 2 Group War. Today will be our second attempt and it will be a lot easier than the previous one since I have been able to obtain the heavy hitters that we were looking for.

All you have to do is look at our roster in game and you will know we are not to be messed with. We are not a hardcore alliance. We cannot compete with the hardcore alliances that have their act together and know what they are doing. We don’t do map 5 or 6 and we are not ineterested in Tier 1 Wars. We are people who have jobs, go to college, or have lives where we want to be as successful in real life as we are in game. We are people who want to be the best at everything they do. That is why we are better than half of the hardcore alliances out there that require donations and do map 5, 5 times a week. We don’t have a problem with the players who need that and have the time for it. But we do have a problem with people who are too ignorant to understand that you do not have to pay everything you earn or be on call like a dog every minute of the day to be successful and make progress. We have plenty of members with experience at the highest levels of the game. We are not some alliance like the ones where some 13 year old 7th grader is on the forums trying to recruit you. I work around 50 hours a week. My last pay check for 14 days was 119.5 hours. I’m one of the hardest working and best leaders you could ever ask for. I have the officers and leadership already in place that know the game. All you have to do is log on and kill stuff. Doesn’t get any easier than that. I’ve put in all of the hard work along with my core of loyal members to get us here. And you have the chance to cash in on the hard work and dedication that we all put in to get here.

With that being said, we are looking for only the best of the best. Excluding the best of the best who are only interested in map 5-6 and tier 1-3 War. If you’re that good, more power to you. Keep us in mind when the fun wears off or you don’t have time for that anymore.We cleared map 4 100% with all 3 groups. I know that’s not some huge accomplishment or anything, but it is when you consider we only had around 20 or so members who could barely even clear 2 groups on map 3 a couple of weeks ago. We are at an all time high in power, skill, and determination right now. And I am not stopping until we have the 30 permanent members that we are looking for. We don’t really have open spots right now. But the turnover rate of the losers who jump to a new alliance every week is very high and we are only interested in people who know what they want in the long run and want a permanent home.

I’ll post links to my previous posts just because, but know that they are a few weeks old. Also know that I do what I say and can back it up. Not sure how many can say that. So if you’re sick of looking around all the time for a halfway decent alliance on these piece of garbage recruiting threads, stop looking and recognize when the boss is extending his hand and reaching out to you. Thanks for your time again. People please respond to this if you like so it doesn’t just disappear in 1-2 days like the rest of my posts, since it’s againat the rules to bump your own posts. The important posts meant for important people get lost with all the garbage that people are trying to get you to buy into. Good luck with whatever you choose to do, just know that even if there was a 2 week wait to join us, that it would be worth the wait and we are looking for only the best who know that no one else can offer you what we.

Fixit Mobb
Leader of Fixit Crime Syndicate

Search in game and look at roster and see if you might fit in with us.
Thanks again. If have excess time or you’re a speed reader or something, feel free to read my previous posts. Or if you’re just a straight up gangster who has been trying to find out where the real gangsters hang out then you have to read. If you suck in game though, sorry but you wouldn’t be able to hang with us. Thank again, please keep this thread active so I never have to come back here again. MAKE EM SAY UGH, UGH, NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA! You wouldn’t understand that unless you’re stickin to the G-code. See you soon if you’re a real boss or a real boss killer.


  • _RJG__RJG_ Posts: 44
    I like the sound of your post and am interested. I’m only at 118k on my profile and my friend has 98k. We both have good Champs and are as committed to playing as two 40+ hour working guys can be. I don’t think we would disappoint.
  • FixitMobbFixitMobb Posts: 315
    Thanks. I saw your post and went to respond to it but didn’t finish. Thought both of you were too low right now. But was going to tell you guys to join us later if you make progress in Alliance you find.
  • FixitMobbFixitMobb Posts: 315
    We do have an open spot that figured would fill very soon. But I’m sure it won’t be long before that’s open spot turns into a filled spot and then back into 2 open spots again. If you really want to give it a shot, I guess you guys could try, but you might have a hard time fighting against or alongside people between 250K-500K+ ratings. Can always give it a go though. Might have to sit out of Wars for a bit until we know we have a solid 30 that are ready to go. But you’d be in for sure if we do. Can always concentrate on AQ where we always would love to have the full 30.
  • BigchiefwolfBigchiefwolf Posts: 23
  • BigchiefwolfBigchiefwolf Posts: 23
    Not sure if this is good enough I am capable of doing map 3 and some,of map 4 I cannot finish a main boss but can clear a line or do a path or cleanup I have gotten stronger. I do all alliance events do around 20k plus in sa like doing aq as much as can I’m hungry for rank rewards and want to be better I do have responsibilities at home and have a family but I am also on this game at least 6hours a day not a kid
  • FixitMobbFixitMobb Posts: 315
    Looks like you already joined an alliance
  • FixitMobbFixitMobb Posts: 315
    We hit Expert Tier in AQ like I said we would. If someone wants to join us this week to see if we can maintain Expert Tier without being demoted. New AQ week starts in about an hour. If so get demoted we’ll just get promoted again next week and keep doing that until we maintain Expert Tier. Also maintaining Tier 5 War until able to hit Tier 4 and be able to maintain that. Done everything set out to do on here. If smart enough to read my prior posts and look at dates on them, am on course and set to accomplish the things I said we would. Put my money where my mouth is and am looking for 1-2 high ranking elite players that want to be with other players like yourself.
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