Servers down.. again

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Thanks guys!


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    This is weirder, I can get in, but I can’t play any content. Just ate half my champion in AQ, so I guess I am done playing tonight....
  • DeadcarlDeadcarl Posts: 47

    Trying to do the T4B arena and i get the same error message over and over again....cant continue

  • DeadcarlDeadcarl Posts: 47
    @Kabam Miike 7fb0uouwieki.png
    The servers went down while i was in T4B arena, when i got back in the game, i just get that same error message over and over again. I cant even continue the arena. I would have be done by now....
  • DeadcarlDeadcarl Posts: 47
    @Kabam Miike What is weird is that the champs that are ''stuck'' in the T4B arena and stops me from clearing it....are still available
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  • DeadcarlDeadcarl Posts: 47
    Theres the bug on video
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