Character Wishlist/Design Threads

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The character wishlist ( is getting a bit unwieldy again. When Kabam reworks this next, why not split it into two threads -

1 - A 'wishlist' poll that actually gathers votes; and new suggestions can be added to.
2 - A design thread for those (like me) who like to go a step further and suggest designs for as-yet-absent champions.

Thread one would enable Kabam to actually gather information from the community to enable them to prioritise one or two 'people's champions'; whilst thread two might actually give their designers a few ideas to build on, and hopefully both threads could be a bit more interesting for the community to read.

I think there are quite a few really interesting designs written in the Wishlist (not necessarily my own!), but they're buried in nearly 40 pages of comments; whereas having a dedicated thread for design would help them be more accessible.


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