So aggravating

In the past three or four months I have ranked up 3 cosmic champs just to use up cosmic T4cc that would expire. That’s 9 cosmic T4cc. Also been trying to get the stash lower because… Well... The odds of pulling a certain class is much higher if you already have a lot of that class (I don’t care what people say about RNG anymore) in that time I have accrued 2 science and mystic, 3 tech, 4 or 5 skill and 4 mutant

So I have accrued 10 or 11 cosmic just from fragments!!? I recently finished off act 5 Ultron And got 2 T4cc crystals that I had been holding for about a week worried that I would get another cosmic and I was currently maxed. Decided to screw it and just open Today... 2 freakin Cosmic! Come on!!

Really having a hard time believing random.

This isn’t a, “This game is screwing me” post. This is a, “give us back the option to sell cats”, post. I know you removed the option because people were “accidentally“ selling cats and you were getting tired of the tickets but I’d really like the option back. Letting them expire is a waste but I’d also like the option to lower my stash so the game stops giving me cosmic (even if this is irrational and just my imagination)

Just create a Settings section of the game allowing us to turn off/on:
-cat selling
-autofight button
- warning messages (you’re about to spend 10,000 BC, spend 5 units for duel...ect)
- i’m sure there are others…


  • djr17djr17 Posts: 528 ★★
    There are warning messages for spending, unless you check the box to not be bothered again. Not sure if you can change that back, though.
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 372 ★★★
    edited June 2018
    If I were devious, I’d venture that selling catalysts frustrated the pulling algorithm. I.e. made it hard to predict what catalysts players could use. If I were really devious, I can think of a very easy way to rectify said problem. Thankfully, I’m not devious at all.

    PS I guess I missed the millions of forum posts of players accidentally selling tier four back in the day. I really need to pay closer attention.
  • WimaksWimaks Posts: 105
    @djr17 I know about the warning messages (there is no way to reactivate them). I’m not actually concerned about those. It was just an example of things you could “personalize“ in settings. It’s by no means a complete list...
  • TryakshaTryaksha Posts: 146
    Well Am in the same boat but for me not 9 cosmic but 6 mystic, when i was looking for others. The last 4 T4 crystals i opens 3 were mystic..
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