King Groot Despair Mastery Not Working Together

I fought all the way to the Wolverine in Beyond Hope, got 9(!!) armor breaks up on wolverine with Despair Level 3... But Wolverine still kept regenerating.... With 9 debuffs he should not be regenerating anything (9 * 15% Regen Reduction), but he still was...

Unfortunately I spent quite a bit to even get to that point in revives, unlocking despair level 3, switching my masteries :(

Ghost Rider, King Groot, Punisher, Wolverine X-23, Hulk is my team, and it seems none of them can get by Wolverine now :(:( : (

I have a video of this if it helps and created a trouble ticket. Thanks.


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    You shuld hav take guletion one for him
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    Yes this is definitely an issue. I use KG every day in AQ and always take tech paths so I fight Iron Man a lot, plus will power in arena. I run max despair and max resonate. Also, I'm not positive, but I don't know if resonate weakness debuff is lowering WP heals at all with any champ. I am using my 3* KG for these screen shots because my 4* would kill the opponent too fast to demonstrate the issue.

    I have included screen shots:


    -No connectivity issues, Wi-Fi
    -Exclusively Wi-Fi, no switching between data and Wi-Fi
    -King Groot, but also many champs that stack debuffs with max despair
    -Fighting against - Iron Man, Superior Iron Man, any opponent in arena with will power
    -No my opponent was not at full health at the end of the fight
    -iPhone 6s Plus version 10.3.2
    -MCOC version 13.1.1

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    Has a mod seen this yet?
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