Which arena to play?

I am a 148k rated player and whenever I take part in 3-4 star arena I land to top 10% category. Should I keep playing this arena or suggest me a better one. I only have 2 5 star champs but 12 4/40 4* and 20+ more 4*s. If you suggest me some other arena then let me know how to keep the streak on. I have never spend a peny on this game and I will never do so. Please help me out with this.


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    S_GrungiS_Grungi Posts: 69
    If you think you can score a minimum of 12 million then it makes sense to try 4-5 arena. I have over 60 4*’s and still do 3-4 arena
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    Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    I'd stick with the 4* basic arena for now. Based on what you say for your roster you'd be very hard pressed to pull the champ from the 4* featured arena.

    Top 10% in 4* basic will get you the champ but in the 4* featured arena it will not.

    Only to top 800 people get the champ in the featured. If its a new champ we're talking 10-15 million depending on the hype for that champ. If it's an older champ we're still talking 5+ million in most cases.
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