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    I wonder if they even read this thread anymore
  • I expect better rewards for the downtime. The downtime I believe was at least 12 hours long and that really affected the players of this game by their alliance quests to the actual gameplay of this game. The rewards were sloppy and expected better rewards like the one I believe in may and I think everyone would of preferred actual crystals than shards.
  • Our treasury wasn't reimbursed, and we didn't get the 3 map crystals promised. Get your act together guys. This is seriously out of hand. I'm so close to being done with this trash.
  • The compensation for the down time came in today, and, as a player in Aus, I am completely appalled. The game was down all day here in Australia, from the early morning until between 6 and 8 PM. as it was my day off work this was even more of an issue. Myself and I believe other members of my alliance were unable to place defenders in Alliance War, lost a lot of time in Alliance Quest, i was unable to join and Grind Arenas (for Milestones) or push for completion of Master in the Deadpool Event Quest. And for all this, 3 Energy Refils, 15% of a character who could potentially be horrifically terrible, and some Gold. How do the people at Kabam calculate Compensation, this is a serious and legitimate question. Will we see anything in addition to this in the future?
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    Hello and good day @kabam Lyra,

    I read your announcement about the compensation for recent downtimes and unfortunately i have yet to recieve anykind of compensation.

    Now, for me this is my Friday afternoon/evening and i was not able to asssit my alliance with AQ and complete the monthly quest.

    Now you informed the fellow summoners that by EOD, July 6th we all would see the generously of 3 Energy refills, 50,000 Gold, amd 1500 5-star hero shards.... but i have not seen anything as of compensation yet.

    Can you please explain and you can see my login history and with my fellow alliance members.


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    I'm in NZ and the same boat as the OP. Lost the bulk of a Saturday for it.

    Honestly, at this point Kabam seems to have moved on. They just aren't into the game the same way they were just 6 months ago. Every little aspect of the game and customer service just scream "grab as much cash before the ship sinks."

    Very disappointing.
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    Yep. We got screwed big time by the outage and on what is probably my peak grind day for the week.

    Deaf ears though, everyone may as well just accept that it doesn't matter any more and move on.
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    And no map 5 crystals. Sigh. Can’t even belatedly make us whole.
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    I wonder if contacting other branches of kabam may help, but yeah horrible way that this was handled, they send the here a message telling the reimbursment pack, that nobody really wanted are there, like if it was a great accomplishment, while ignoring a full week of concern, suggestion, and adequatly, rants.

    I still think we can do more to push them to do right by us, and i know it sounds foolish.
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    I feel ashamed for them...
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    Can we please get an update on the marvelous crystal compensation? Everything else rolled out 12 hours or more.
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    I see a lot of mixed talk about the recent compensation that just came out so I’d like to direct this question to the ones who are unsatisified.

    What would be an adequate compensation in your mind?

    Only regarding the 8h outage. Not taking in to consideration the IOS heating issue and the AQ mixup, because that’s another story.

    Write anything you think is reasonable. I think it would be good to show Kabam what some people think is a fair compensation for an outage.
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    are we still complaining about free rewards and you wonder why we dont get good compensation....
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    They are just sweeping all this dirt under the rug hoping it just blows over fast, eventually it will and I believe thats their tactic. This is just wasting our time checking the forums, complaining to our alliance mates and whatever else the community is doing online. They really don’t care, they really don’t guys. We just have to accept it lol if we want a change in the game it’s up to us to make the right decisions. Keep playing the game but don’t spend real money. That is the only effective way to make a change. This company is ran from real currency, it’s not ran on units or shards or crystals, our own hard earned money that we give them is what keeps their lights on, pays the bills and supplies their payroll. We want a change, that’s how we do it bottomline. I may be put behind bars again lol
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