Which Tech to Rank 5

DarkZenDarkZen Posts: 119

Which Tech to Rank 5 51 votes

Doc Oct Sig 20
SpeedbumpNoob2435 2 votes
Nebula Sig 20
Duke_SilverKakashi1PrylankCrooked_Sprook1 4 votes
Iron-Man Sig 95
AnthinhoTheSquish671 2 votes
Star Lord Sig 45
OneManArmyAfridBuckeyeKPRentonXDThawnimRikuremaBatman_X10RotellyJim0172Arus25HeadrollerJohnyzeroClintonwalls101Greifmaster911SuperSam57ShaheerFIaztufan_1974shchong2Riggs_97Panchulon21 43 votes


  • Ruben101Ruben101 Posts: 49
    Star Lord Sig 45
    Have has the highest raw damage in the game
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 1,548 ★★★★
    Star Lord Sig 45
    Honestly it depends what you need. If you need damage, then starlord. If you need immunity. Nebula.
  • NamelezNamelez Posts: 995 ★★★
    Star Lord Sig 45
    I own a r5 StarLord and can't tell u how much I love him. Boss fights. AQ Boss Fights. EQ. Story Quests he's an amazing champ for almost anything 😀
  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 690
    Star Lord Sig 45
    SL. You already have immune covered with Ultron and many others in different classes can do power control
  • DarkZenDarkZen Posts: 119
    Thanks for everyone imput... SL it is
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,872 ★★★★★
    Iron-Man Sig 95
    Iron man the obvious choice. No immunities, weak abilities, the perfect champion
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